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Family motivation: what is it and how to achieve it?

Family motivation is important in personal life, especially when it comes to adolescents, who go through processes of self-knowledge, understanding and understanding of the world.

From this intimate nucleus, the bases for development in all aspects of life are formed. That is why family values and homeschooling are so important.

Keeping your children on the right track and with solid foundations can often seem like a difficult task, but with a lot of dedication, love, patience and understanding you can achieve many things.

Remember that when you have teenage children it is better to try to listen to them, understand them and guide them little by little so that they feel more secure while they go through this stage.

Family motivation can be your great ally to give them that impulse they need to avoid falling into adversity, get ahead and fulfill their dreams and goals.

To better understand what family motivation is, read on! Family motivation: what is it?

It is simply that support or impulse that is given to a person from their family nucleus so that they feel loved, cared for and able to achieve their goals or objectives, generating in turn a greater family well-being.

If at home people are valued, encouraged, feel that they believe in them, in their dreams, goals and interests, they are more likely to be able to take on challenges, take risks and succeed in their activities. This is especially important during childhood and adolescence.

The lack of motivation can generate consequences over the years, generating negative thoughts, discouragement and many feelings that can become more complex situations.

There are those who think that the stage of adolescence is usually a nightmare or synonymous with complications but this is not always the case. It is important that you understand that when facing it you must be clear that your children do not know exactly what they want, they are discovering their tastes, so their interests can change frequently.

Faced with this situation, it is constructive to support their decisions, to encourage and try new activities with them until they manage to find the one in which they feel comfortable, happy and that represents a source of motivation for them.

How to achieve family motivation?

The first step is to inquire or know what are the interests and motivations that your children have. On many occasions, these will be very different from yours, so it will be of the utmost importance that you show them that, even if you do not like them, you support them.

You must let them make decisions on their own and that if at any time they change their mind about what they want to do, do not leave the previous project unfinished. This will teach them to have levels of responsibility for their own decisions.

With these tips you can encourage family motivation:Maintain an attitude of trust in front of them, with positive comments and that do not show doubts about their abilities.Try to ensure that the activities they carry out are in accordance with their abilities. However, if they want to do something that seems complex to you, let them take on challenges.It turns their interests into something fun, that they really enjoy it and then do not mean a bad experience.Don’t push them too hard. Although sometimes it is good to demand, if you do it excessively they may want to abandon what they do.He seeks that his social environment, including friends and family, add to his life instead of subtracting, that is, that they have around them people who also motivate them and who do not discourage them.Do not leave aside the continuous communication, this will help to know if you are really comfortable with what you do, if any problem has arisen or if they need help.

These are just some practices that you can encourage so that your children have that family motivation that they need so much at this stage of their lives.

Do not forget that we are all different, and that also applies to your children: what works for one may not work for the other. You must be patient and seek balance without despair along the way.

Times of crisis: how does family motivation influence?

Well, if in normal times sometimes family motivation becomes a bit complicated, when you are facing more complex circumstances the picture can be even more difficult.

Teenagers face situations in different ways, so it is essential to be present as that guide that will help them in those moments.

You have to find a way to make them feel safe and teach them the need to overcome adverse circumstances. Motivation is not only about encouraging them to meet their goals but also about finding a way to move forward, get out of problems and face any type of situation.

The most important thing at this time is to know how to listen to really know:What is affecting them?How does it affect them?How informed are they about the situation?How do you feel about it?What do they need or how to help them?

In this way, you will know from themselves how they perceive the situation and you will be able to take actions to guide them, clarify situations and understand their behavior.

Never leave them out or dismiss their worries, emotions, and fears. What for you may be an unimportant situation for them can represent a complex picture that makes them feel insecure.

You can look for answers more easily by doing family activities such as renovating your home with everyone’s help, and interact naturally while sharing and having fun.

Including them in family activities can achieve greater unity and build trust for them to express their ideas. As always, communication is indispensable for family motivation.

If you want to improve the relationship with your children, we invite you to read our material Activities for parents and children: have fun and strengthen your bonds, where we offer you more ideas to achieve and strengthen the connection.


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