Exercises and games for motivation


Do you want to keep your staff well motivated? Do you want to get this motivation that you are lacking? Try these games and exercises that you will see in this article. What motivational activities are for?

It is said that motivation is very important to achieve what you set out to do. This state is functional for any facet of your life, from the most everyday (getting up every day is something to do with motivation), to the most difficult work challenges. Motivation is a state that activates, directs and helps you maintain a behavior to achieve goals or ends.

Although it seems obvious, in negative situations such as depression or extreme sadness the lack of motivation can prevent you from doing the simplest activities, while sometimes even if you do not have any extreme problems, it takes a little more motivation to do more activities and with better results.

Motivation is not something that is achieved overnight, it requires exercise and is a process separated into phases. First of all there is mentalization, at which point you make sure that you will be able to do what you want, knowing that you will feel better. Second, you begin to activate and do what you need to progress. This phase also includes the evaluation of what you are doing, whether it benefits you as you thought or not.

To increase your motivation it is important that you do not lose your goal, the organization, control your mental and physical energy, act and know how to take advantage of when to be more productive (and not let be when you are not). Some of these exercises and games are individual and others group, perdo all motivation dynamics will help you achieve your goals. This motivational process is essential in companies and work groups, since a positive environment is better than a negative and unmotivated one.

A motivational activity is good at any time in life, from childhood, through adolescence and of course also in flattery. That is why here you will find all kinds of motivation games to apply in your life or share with your students, workers or family. Motivational exercisesVisualize your life. Take pen and paper and write down for about 15 minutes everything you want for your life in the next 5 years. Do the same thing but in the framework particularly of the aspect of your life in which you want motivation, your work, exercise, your family. Read these points every day and add whatever comes to mind. Keeping in mind what you want should act motivationally not as pressure. As you complete these points, you should take them off the list and write down how you feel about the results.Get to know others. These exercises are for work or study groups. Getting to know and engaging with each other will make you find common ground and generate a more productive work environment. They do not have to be great friends, but they can have fun playing Truth or Lie, where each one will write two truths and a lie, the rest of the group must recognize the lie. Or they can try the Speed Game; the group should be divided into two and in certain periods of time they should be regrouped (as quickly as possible) into groups according to their month of birth or according to the initial of their name.Value your achievements. Write on a piece of paper what you consider your 5, 10, or 20 greatest accomplishments in life. from the smallest to the biggest, from when you were a child to being older. When you feel discouraged read the achievements you have achieved so far. You will see that later you will be much more motivated, since you will see that you were able to achieve a lot, that is, you can achieve even more.Answer a few questions. What makes you laugh?, Who makes you laugh?, What situations to expect with anxiety?, What makes you feel tenderness?, What birthday gift would you have made to yourself as a child?, What would you like to do and owe yourself? You may find some of these questions somewhat strange. But they will connect you with the positive and the inner ambition that you keep and you must bring out.Motivation dynamics for childrenRandom activities. Write down on small pieces of paper different activities, go jogging, prepare a cake, visit a friend, whatever comes to mind. Try to make them simple options and that you can do any day. Put all the pieces of paper in a box, hat or similar and every day when you get up take out one of them (without looking). While every day you have mandatory activities to do, a small one of this game will be added that will make your day a unique moment.Treasure hunt. This game is ideal for study groups that are just getting to know each other. The leader must hide clues that lead to each other with riddles. To make it more exciting, the treasure should be something interesting and, if possible, that everyone can share, such as a drink or a meal.The desert island. Divide the workgroup into groups. Each member must choose an item that would lead to a desert island and say why they would. Each team must combine their elements and generate hypothetical situations where they would use them. The idea of this motivational exercise is also to exercise the mind, improving performance in everyday activities.Zoom.Este ‪juego de motivación es muy divertido y sirve para mejorar la atención en clase. You should show children very enlarged images of everyday objects (toys, items they use in class, appliances, whatever you want and they know). In this way, children must use their mind to observe and guess what element it is. They also exercise the power of deduction and imagination.Photocopy. Este juego es un ejemplo de ‪dinámicas de motivación al logro muy divertido para los niños que disfrutan de dibujar. Brinda a los pequeños un dibujo hecho en cuadrícula‬ que deberán copiar en otra, respetando los cuadrados pintados y en blanco. It is one of the most fun motivational dynamics and that at the end of it leaves the children very satisfied.

Estas ‪actividades motivacionales‬ infantiles también son aplicables a adultos, tanto de forma individual como grupal. Choosing a motivational game encourages the playful part of your mind, which is often asleep or hidden behind everyday obligations. Currently the most important companies choose work motivation games to improve the relationship between colleagues, the pace of work and the results in the short and long term. Other motivational aids more

Do you want to know other ways to get motivation? This can be used for groups and also for people. The important thing is always to commit to the goal of the motivation exercises and do your best to achieve it.Motivation with NLP. Neuro-linguistic programming can be of great help when it comes to programming yourself for motivation. It also serves for work groups as well as all the dynamics for motivation.Motivation working optimism. By making people optimistic, it’s one of the best ways you have ahead of you to feel more motivated. Someone who believes, is someone who works to achieve it, that is the teaching of activities for motivation.Motivation for group dynamics. Making a work group work in the best possible way, motivated and with goals ahead, is one of the best ways you have ahead so that everyone bids for the same side.What motivates you in your field of work or professional?

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