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The brain of humans is evolutionarily designed to make short-term decisions. After all, life used to be often indefinite and events unpredictable. No wonder, then, that the desire is so great to earn money quickly.

Nowadays we have trained a certain foresight, but the primal instincts are not so easy to switch off. But that’s not a problem! In this article, you will learn many different methods that can be used to earn money quickly. Some can even be implemented immediately.

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The advantage of methods for making money that can be found online is that you can usually get started immediately and simply earn money without much ado. Also, the payout can be available faster, as you don’t have to wait until the end of the month like with a traditional job.

The following methods are divided into those for which you do not need to have any previous knowledge and those for which it is advantageous if you have certain skills.1. Apps – earn money with your mobile phone

A fantastic way if you want to make money quickly are apps like Appjobber or Streetspotr. They also have the advantage that earning money is not done completely online, but partly in part. You get the jobs via the app and then have to execute them in your environment.

Example assignments include having to have a consultation with a pharmacist in a specific store or photograph product prices in a supermarket. Most jobs only take 5 – 15 minutes, provided you’re already in the right place. Especially good money can be earned with these apps if you live in large cities, as there are many orders here. Earn money quickly: the best providers on the netNameDescriptionLink to the providerTest and evaluationPayment per product test up to 30 EuroRemuneration: bank transfer, PayPal or vouchersPayout from: 30 Euro & within 24hNEW: More surveys & tests in the Testerheld appTest >>log inClicks: 56432Payment per survey: up to 3 eurosRemuneration: Bonus points (redeemable in e.g. Amazon vouchers)Payout from: 10 EuroTest >>log inClicks: 40959Payment per survey: up to 3 eurosRemuneration: PayPal or SkrillPayout from: 5 EuroTest >>log inClicks: 33400Payment per survey: approx. 1 EuroRemuneration: in cash via PayPal or vouchersPayout from: 5 EuroTest >> loginClicks: 7873Payment per survey: 1 EuroRemuneration: Vouchers & non-cash bonusesPayout from: 2500 GRP pointsTest >>Log inClicks: 34232. Product tester at Testerheld – from the comfort of your own home

One method that runs entirely online is that of the product tester at Testerheld. Here, your job is to test websites, apps, or games and then give your feedback on them. Since these are apps that you may be using anyway, the money earns on the side.

You decide for yourself whether you carry out the tests on your mobile phone or PC. However, some app tests are only possible on mobile devices. Currently, orders in the amount of more than 200 € are available directly after registration. This is no small merit, but there are low barriers to entry. You can easily withdraw your earned money by PayPal.3. Open an account, change provider – exchange premiums

When companies are looking for new customers, they are willing to spend a lot of money on it. You are guaranteed to have already noticed this when you see that there is up to 100 € premium when opening an account. Sometimes the electricity provider also offers rich discounts or even an electric scooter.

If you meet the conditions to receive the premium for new contracts or contract changes, there is nothing against the conclusion. You should only pay attention to the cancellation conditions and enter a date for the cancellation in the calendar. This prevents the contract from being accidentally renewed and you from being able to conclude a new contract for a bonus.4. Surveys on the net – the simplest possible method

If you are looking for ways to make money online on the Internet, you will not be able to avoid surveys. Google Ads and numerous websites promote online surveys as an easy way to start earning a few euros online. Why is that?

Survey panels belong to market research companies for which your opinion is worth money. Registration is very easy so that as many people as possible take part in the surveys and they become more meaningful.

The earnings of survey platforms are often low, but it is a way to put a toe in the cold water of making money online. You will find what you are looking for at Swagbucks, Entscheiderclub or Lifepoints.5. Micro jobs – “Small cattle also make crap”

Microjobs are tasks with a very small scope. Tasks such as those you perform in apps like Streetspotr are part of it, for example. But there are also other platforms where you can find what you are looking for. One of them is Clickworker.

So you can be entrusted with writing small texts, proofreading, categorizing data or doing research on the web. The payment is often only a few cents, but the tasks go quickly by hand and small cattle finally make crap.

Tips to successfully make money quicklyTips to successfully make money quickly

If you are looking for the quick money, then there are a few things to consider. Most importantly, as always in life, if something is too good to be true, then it is not true. Don’t let tempting offers wrap you around your finger, which may even pull money out of your pockets.

This can be difficult, especially if you are dependent on the money. The creators of these ads are aware of the readers’ predicament and use wording to convince you. Close the page and dedicate yourself to more serious things, for which there are also experience reports on the Internet. The great wealth can be found elsewhere

Getting rich quickly only works with the lottery and there only with a good portion of luck. Be aware that while you can make money quickly, you won’t become a millionaire. Promises such as “earn 357 euros a day with only 20 minutes of work” are just as unrealistic.

This corresponds to a salary of about 1000 euros per hour, no one will give you that just like that. Approach the matter realistically and you will find ways to earn 20 or 30 euros in an hour. Important prerequisites – will, internet, courage

Let’s not kid ourselves, if you want to earn money quickly then it’s very easy online. Using apps or survey panels, you can earn a few extra euros without having to meet high requirements. However, it is important that you have the will to do it and not just dream of it.

When it comes to things like babysitting, freelancing, or waiters, it’s also quite possible that these activities are out of your comfort zone. This is frightening at first and tempts you to choose the simple options. Face your fear, be brave and try something new. The higher the hurdle, the greater the reward.6. Website tester – nobody wants bugs and bugs

If you are well-versed in using the computer, then try yourself as a website tester! You test websites for their functionality and search for any bugs or errors. You will then write a detailed report describing your approach and any errors.

On the Platform Testbirds you can earn money so quickly. An average of 10 euros per hour is possible, but if you find important bugs, bonus payments also beckon.7. Copywriter or editor – make money out of your words

More and more websites are created every day on the Internet, whereby not every operator writes the texts for his own websites. Therefore, there is a tremendous need for copywriters to fill this void. A point of contact where you can get orders quite quickly is Textbroker or Content.de.

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