Earn money online: With these 18 proven ways!

Earn money online, freely allocate your own time and possibly travel the world in the process? For many a dream and with today’s possibilities absolutely feasible.

In principle, the Internet offers as a new way to build up an income, sell products or offer services. With the advancing digitalization, it is also becoming easier and easier to see which jobs actually work online.

Anyone who has landed on this article is probably interested in earning more money or building up a location-independent income. First of all, there are no shortcuts or secret recipes. Earning money successfully online requires work and the right knowledge, as in any other area. If you have found the right path for yourself, it will also be fun and fulfill in the long term.

This article examines best practices on how it is possible to generate a secure additional income via the Internet with the right commitment. In addition, it explains what is important to build up your own online business full-time.

Whether student, employee or already self-employed, the strategies from this article can be applied by anyone to build a long-term and stable income over the Internet.

One thing before you start: There is no magic formula to get rich overnight. You should also stay away from such offers. This should be about well thought-out strategies and serious possibilities. Let’s get started!1.) E-Commerce: Making Money in Online Trading

E-commerce is nothing more than the most well-known business model in the world, retail – only online. Online trading is growing from year to year and is only the best way to sell products to customers of all kinds, but also a lucrative way to earn money online, without prior knowledge or your own product idea.

Anyone who thinks now: The market is totally overcrowded, the start is certainly associated with high costs or as a private person you can not sell your own products – he is wrong.

In the end, online trading or e-commerce are just generic terms for a variety of different marketplaces and sales strategies. An own online shop, dropshipping, Amazon FBA or Ebay, for example, are all areas of e-commerce in which both small and large companies make a lot of sales and profits.

The basis of an e-commerce business is a product that you sell for a higher price over the Internet than you bought it. If you do not engage in dropshipping, this must of course first be purchased or produced.

Important: Importing products from China indiscriminately with dropshipping without having checked their quality and demand does not work. Rather, it is important to really think about it and convince the customers with good quality.

This leads to the next question: Where do I get the product from and how can I finance the purchase? Of course, it is an effort to launch an online shop with your own products directly. There are also ways to start with relatively little startup capital, the best of which is Amazon FBA.1.1 Making Money Online with Amazon FBA

Probably everyone has bought something on Amazon before. Be it books, clothes, kitchen appliances or even furniture. With around 237 million products in Germany alone, there is now almost everything on Amazon. But not only with the product selection, but above all with the high customer friendliness, Amazon has managed to become the most popular and highest-selling online marketplace in the world.

What many do not know, however, is that most products are not sold by Amazon itself, but by third-party providers (small or large retailers) who offer their goods on the Amazon marketplace for a fee. This opportunity has created a huge opportunity for founders who present their products to millions of customers even with small runs in order to earn money with Amazon.

All you need at the beginning is a registered business and a suitable product. You don’t need a fancy product idea for this. With today’s possibilities and tools, it is easy to analyze which products sell well on Amazon and where there is potential for improvement. This is exactly where you have the chance to get started.

This makes marketplaces such as Amazon an excellent option if the starting capital is still limited or you want to keep the effort manageable at first. The big advantage over your own online shop is that you do not have to earn the trust of the customers and you can only decide on a product on the basis of data. This is ideal for beginners, as it eliminates a large part of the risk.

Customers know exactly what to expect on Amazon and already visit the site with the will to make a purchase. This means that you don’t have to convince visitors that they are buying something in a shop, but only to decide on a product. The whole focus here is on the product and the presentation of the offer.

In addition to the high reach, Amazon has another big advantage: The Amazon FBA program (Fulfillment by Amazon). If you sell your products through FBA, Amazon takes care of the storage, packaging and shipping of the products via Prime. A huge advantage, because most customers are used to the convenience of 1-2 days delivery time and make purchase decisions based on it. With FBA, retailers no longer have to worry about anything logistically, except that the products arrive at the Amazon warehouse on time. Of course, this creates a lot of time to concentrate on other areas of business and to start the whole thing part-time.

A disadvantage of Amazon is that you are of course limited in terms of marketing possibilities and design. Amazon has precise specifications of what an offer should look like and offers few marketing opportunities outside of its own website.

Another minor disadvantage is that you have to give part of the sales to Amazon. Due to the high level of awareness and the strong traffic of the marketplace, however, you also make more sales than with a new online shop, which nobody knows yet. This compensates for this additional cost factor.

You can think of it like a Christmas market. People consciously go there to drink mulled wine or eat something delicious. A mulled wine stand makes much more sales on the market than if it simply stands in any street and hopes that at some point someone will come by who also wants mulled wine. For this reach, you pay the market operator a stand fee, but still make much more sales than alone.

Amazon offers a really good way to earn money online, to start part-time at the beginning and to build a stable and profitable business in the long term. With the first product, an income of 1,000 to 3,000 € per month is easily possible. If the product sells stably, you can devote yourself to the next one.

The knowledge of how to find the right products and manufacturers and how to successfully sell the product via the marketplace can be acquired in just a few weeks. Since this process is always repeated, it will be easier and faster from time to time. For the first product, a starting capital of about 3,000 € is recommended, so that you can buy a reasonable amount and still have reserves for e.g. product photos and advertising. Many companies have scaled their companies to millions of euros via this marketplace alone. If you also want to earn money with Amazon, you will find all further information here: Amazon FBA explained in detail1.2 Own online shop

With systems like Woocommerce or Shopify, anyone is able to set up a reasonably professional-looking online store within a few hours. What many do not pay attention to: A good online shop alone is not enough to really generate profits with the products offered.

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