Earn money online Switzerland – legal and easy

Thanks to the Internet, in 2022 it will be easier than ever to earn from one pocket money to many 1000 francs a month. What if you could escape from the hamster wheel with a passive income? For this big dream, everyone starts small. Who knows how it will develop? Be it as a student, housewife, mother or as a working person, he definitely took the opportunity to earn a side income. You can immediately earn money with surveys on the Internet part-time. My tips on how to make money quickly on the Internet

All listed methods for earning money immediately online also work in Switzerland! Important: I don’t think all possibilities are good, but I would still like to introduce them to you. You then decide for yourself whether you want to participate or not.1. Earn money with filling out online surveys

With the right strategy, it is possible to earn pocket money. I get up to 300-400 francs a month for online surveys. Online surveys are for me the most valid method to earn a little money on the side and also 100% legal and without risk. I can particularly recommend the following survey platforms*:OpinionDecision-Maker ClubMarket Agent Ampuls.ch (sign up and get 200 points for free 🤑 immediately)MobrogOpinio HelvetiaOpinionworldAtta Poll (app only)

They offer a simple user interface. The platforms suggest online surveys that have been specifically selected for Switzerland and the language is german. You can start quickly and earn the first amounts, which I appreciate about the survey platforms. That’s how much I’ve earned from online surveys.

🤑 Great tip! 🤑Get 200 points for free now! I am quite enthusiastic about Ampuls.ch right now, because the remuneration is particularly generous and you can redeem many different winnings. If you register with Ampuls.ch* via this link, you will immediately receive 200 points as a gift, which you can redeem in Coop Superpoints, Cumulus Points, Galaxus/Digitec vouchers, Orell Füssli vouchers or Zalando vouchers (in real time in the app).2. Earn money online: Become a mystery shopper

🤑 Mystery Shopping with Ipsos*! Shop “undercover” in the store and get paid for shopping! The platform also works for Switzerland. If you have enough desire and time (and nerves) this is a nice pastime. At Ipsos Mystery Shopper, you get paid to pretend to be a real customer.3. Passive income with dividends

Build up your own stock portfolio and benefit from the dividends. I already earn about 1500 CHF per year only with dividend distributions. My main custody account is with the well-known and reputable Swiss broker Swissquote. If you also want to open a stock portfolio, then please use my promo code MKT_LIEBEFINANZEN and get CHF 100 trading credits for your first share purchases.Get CHF 100 trading credits with the code MKT_LIEBEFINANZEN to buy shares, cryptos and ETFs at SwissquoteHow to buy your first stockAll swissquote instructions4. Earn money by scanning purchases

With Nielsen Homescan Switzerland you earn points and vouchers when you scan your purchases at home with your smartphone. As always, you shop in your shop (Migros, Coop, Aldi, Lidl…) and scan the purchased goods at home with your mobile phone. You then transmit this data (anonymously) to Nielsen Homescan. In this way, the purchasing behaviour of different population groups is analysed for manufacturers and retailers. As a reward, you will receive vouchers that you can redeem. The admission procedure is a bit stricter than with online surveys, you should definitely provide a correct mobile phone number and e-mail address.

For this you can redeem vouchers such as Reka-Checks, Europapark vouchers, cinema ticks, etc.5. Discount corner (Swiss cashback website)

With Rabattcorner you get money back for your purchase in many Swiss online shops! If you sign up via this link*, you will receive a 5 franc starting bonus! Over the last few years, I have already been able to withdraw several hundred francs, as I used to shop a lot online. My discount corner experiences. Alternative: Monerio.

Tip: When shopping online, be sure to use a cashback credit card to earn points with every purchase. I use the Coop Supercard credit card.6. Earn money with your own blog

Create a blog and sell advertising space! Draw the attention of potential cooperation partners to you. Build your own business. Run Google Ad Sense ads and sit back. When earning money with sponsored content on your own website, your personal handwriting should always be recognizable. With the right strategy, you can earn several 1000 francs a month with your own blog.

Instructions: Earn money with your blog* from the business heroines. 30+ lucrative revenue streams for your blog. 7. Earn money with your own online course

Online courses on the Internet are booming. And you can earn a lot of money with it, no matter what the topic. Many niches can be monetized, for example, special diets, sewing courses, marketing courses, etc.

How can you develop and launch your own lucrative online course? If you are interested in launching online courses, then take a look at katharina Lewald’s free masterclass. Or listen to their free business podcast. I always listen to these podcasts in the morning on the way to work and have already been able to take a lot with me for my own business. It is sometimes unbelievable how much you can earn with your own online course. Once created, it can be sold infinitely often.

What do you do with the money you earn on the Internet? Of course, save and invest!Start with Inyova (stock savings plan) or Selma (ETF savings plan) easy to invest your money sensibly and sustainably in order to realize your wealth accumulation.

At Zak you get a free smartphone bank account, including CHF 50 voucher.CHF 50 Zak Bank Cler voucher Switzerland 20228. Earn money with Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform where you can sell your digital skills. In the meantime, almost everything can be turned into money. Sign up for Fiverr here and offer your digital services to the whole world! Or look for a freelancer who can do jobs for your business!

What can you offer at Fiverr? Graphics and DesignDigital MarketingText & TranslationVideo & AnimationMusic and AudioProgramming and technologyData BusinessLifestyle

Can you cut videos, create graphics, do translations, write texts, program an app, compose music, etc.? Then sell your services as a freelancer! Fiverr is great for digital nomads. Do you like to design recipes? Sell your ideas? By the way, you can also have an entire blog created by a freelancer! For example, I had drawings made.9. Become a crowdtester

In crowdtesting, a software is put through its paces by a large number of testers on the Internet against payment. This data is then used for the further development and improvement of the software. 10. Create a Patreon Blog

You can also use Patreon, which is a blog behind a paywall. So readers first have to pay and buy a subscription so that they can read your content. You need valuable content and insider tips that readers absolutely want. For example, you describe what your weight loss secret is or how you managed a certain craft work so ingeniously. 11. Sell crafts on Etsy

On the Etsy platform, you can sell your creative work. Do you have a certain crafting technique? Are you creative and want to sell your work online worldwide? Then Etsy is the right platform for you. You can also sell graphics, templates, and photos as digital downloads. The possibilities are truly endless.12. FanSlave – EASY (?) Earn money with clicks

Earn money by liking pages on social media? So you can earn money quickly and easily at FanSlave*. That sounds a bit like Indian click farms now? But you will never be able to earn money that easily again? Simply yes, but a lot of money does not come together. You are a fan slave and slaves do what the master says 🙂

Hi, I'am a developer website, content writer and social media enthusiast. Happy reading....

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