Earn money online: 12 ingenious tips – serious and fast

The Internet is full of revenue streams. Making money online has never been easier than it is today. Apart from a laptop or smartphone and internet connection, you do not need much. After that, you can get started and generate an income online just as quickly as seriously on the side (or full-time). We will show you several options and tips on how to earn money seriously and quickly online and build up a passive income… Earn money online – seriously and quickly

Are you looking for an additional source of money to earn money easily and on the side? Then take full advantage of the possibilities of the Internet! In the following, we present several offers, ways, websites and apps with which you can earn serious money online.

The classic when making money on the Internet. Answering surveys is particularly suitable for beginners. There is also no need for start-up capital. On several portals on the Internet such as Swagbugs, Empfohlen.de, Geldumfragen.de or GfK, you can register and participate in surveys for a fee – without any previous knowledge or time expenditure. Some of the surveys are even sent to you by e-mail and rarely take longer than 5 to 10 minutes. So the job also works when you’re sitting in the subway, in front of the TV, or queuing up in the supermarket. This is usually about market research and your opinion on products or your interests as a potential customer and buyer. As a rule, you will be assigned suitable surveys that match your profile that you have deposited when you registered. So you can earn money with just a few clicks.

Preconditions?No qualifications are required to complete and participate in surveys. However, you cannot participate in all surveys – for example, if you do not belong to the target group. Tip: Specify as many interests as possible when registering for the portal. Then you will also receive more surveys assigned.

How much can I earn with it?Revenue and earnings are highly dependent on how much time you invest. The larger and more extensive the survey, the more you can earn online. For some surveys you get 50 cents, for others up to 10 euros. On average, surveys can earn between 200 and 400 euros a month. Tip: Log in to as many portals and apps as possible to get more surveys and jobs.2. Start blog

Are you linguistically gifted, are you an expert on a topic and want to impart your know-how? Then you can make money with a blog. With appropriate reach, a blog can be monetized in many ways through advertising, paid posts or commissions. However, a successful blog is associated with a lot of work. It will take some time for you to make significant sales with it. But if you persevere and maintain the blog, you can permanently generate a good passive income.

Preconditions?To earn money with a blog online, you need your own domain (URL) and you have to host the blog yourself. Otherwise, you will always remain bound by the terms and conditions of the website provider. Building your own WordPress blog doesn’t cost much. Exclusive templates for this are already available from a one-time fee of 50 euros. A complete programming from an agency costs between 1500 and 3000 euros.

How much can I earn with it?Again, it depends on what you earn the money with. For lucrative advertising revenue, a minimum of 5000 readers per day is required. This can then earn between 2000 and 3000 euros a month. With sponsored posts or affiliate marketing (see below), you can also make money with fewer readers.3. Write an e-book

Writing your own book – for many authors this is a dream. Good for you: You no longer needed start-up capital or a publisher to publish a book. You can also publish knowledge or useful tips from your field in an e-book and then offer it online for purchase or download.

Preconditions?You should be able to write well and comprehensibly, of course. In order for the e-book to become a source of income, you should look for a topic that interests others. You tend to earn nothing with poetry. Non-fiction and specialist books that offer practical life support are more worthwhile. Niche topics can also be interesting if there is a wealthy target group for them.

How much can I earn with it?You can sell e-books via Amazon, other online retailers (Digistore, Elopage, etc.) or your own website. Here it depends again on price and quantity. A simple example calculation: If your eBook costs 10 euros and you sell it 100 times, that’s 1000 euros earned on the side. Not much – compared to the work that goes into a book. Therefore, it is often more lucrative to produce small and inexpensive e-books or e-papers that sell en masse. TIP: 70 percent of the sales price should be left after commissions and taxes so that the bill is worthwhile.4. Become a copywriter

With linguistic skills, you can earn money online even faster and easier – as a copywriter from home and for others. There you then write product descriptions, entire blog articles or dense advertisements. Orders are placed in numerous portals for this purpose. You will either be paid according to the length of the text (per word) or you will receive a flat rate for the entire text.

Preconditions?Expression, spelling and grammar should sit. Anyone who also offers online texts should understand something about SEO (“search engine optimization”). This increases the value and price. Otherwise, of course, specialist knowledge is an advantage if you do not want to earn money exclusively as a copywriter.

How much can I earn with it?Pure copywriters and copywriters on the Internet do not earn too much, ghostwriters for books significantly more. Sometimes only 4 to 7 cents per word are paid. To get a good side income here, you need to be fast and write a lot of texts. A good average is 1000 words per hour.5. Use affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing (german: referral marketing) is an online sales concept and works via links and commissions. A simple example: If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, you should read the book “Dotcom Secrets” by Russell Brunson. This is really good and contains many tips – but the link there is also an Amazon affiliate link, which means: If you order the book via it, we receive a small commission. That’s only a few cents, but it can be a problem with many such links. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money quickly and seriously online, some can even get rich with it.

Preconditions?Affiliate marketing doesn’t even require your own product. You market the goods and services of others and receive a commission (but only in case of success) if they are purchased via your link. For this, of course, you need a sales channel. This can be simple advertising on Facebook or Instagram. You can also use your own online shop, blog or social media channels. Especially Instagram and Youtube are popular.

How much can I earn with it?Successful affiliates sometimes earn more than 100,000 euros a month (!) with commissions. However, this is only possible because you sell high-priced top coaching with commissions of up to 30,000 euros and place corresponding advertising. As a beginner, you should slow down. After a few weeks, however, between 1000 and 3000 euros passive income are already possible. Earn money with cashback

Another affiliate variant is cashback. You are certainly familiar with cashback systems such as Payback. Providers such as shoop.de or swagbucks.com often offer a better deal. If you register there and order something online in the partner shop, you can indirectly earn money with it – or just as integrate partner links there into your shop and collect commissions again.6. Engage in dropshipping

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