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Discard your vessels and let your whole potential shine through

Discard your vessels and let your whole potential shine through.

In order to demonstrate the truth of the concept cited in the title, I’d like to begin this post with a genuine anecdote.

Hernán Cortés was at a crossroads of epic proportions in 1519, the year of his arrival in the New World. In order to ensure the survival of his enormous corporation, he had devoted all of his wealth to the task of conquering Tenochtitlán, the Aztec capital. After conquering Cuba in 1518, his troops, who had already been away from their families for a long time, longed to return home. On the morning of August 16, 1519, a pivotal moment in the conquest and the history of mankind happened. When Cortés realized there was no way back, he ordered his men to fire the ships and set sail for Antigua. After that, everyone knows what happens.
What can we take away from this? We can only achieve greatness if we’re prepared to leave the comfort of the familiar and explore the infinite possibilities of uncharted territory. Cortés’ abilities and firm and unflappable vision of what he sought to accomplish set him apart from the rest of the expeditionaries. Even though nothing and no one could stop him, there was an open road that allowed him to pursue his goals, so he had to construct a new one.
While I do not support Cortés’ philosophy or method, I do support the practical application of leaving one’s comfort zone in order to acquire a new self-concept.
If we want to extend our thoughts and develop, we must discover a new method of doing things. As Einstein stated, “Insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting a different result.” Only a few individuals are able to shift their habits and rituals to achieve strong and fulfilling new outcomes. What is the cause of this? The reason for this is that we are attempting to alter the outcomes rather than the underlying reasons of our behavior.
As a visual aid, here is an example: Imagine that you desire to study for longer periods of time and that these are also more productive. However, you don’t have the energy or drive to bring about this change, and you conclude that the clutter and chaos in your study area are the causes of this lack of enthusiasm. However, the underlying culprit is your lack of sleep and relaxation, so no matter how hard you work to organize your study space, it will be for nothing if you don’t “address” the root problem.
What I’ve just said may be applied to a wide range of aspects of our lives. Rowing against the river, we lose resources, strength, and time in the process of trying to do so.
An initial sense of dread and rejection might accompany the prospect of a major shift. However, there are times in our lives when we must make a definitive choice that completely alters our perspective on ourselves and the new abilities we are prepared to develop. How can we ensure that the change we want to see is consistent and clear? Conscious decision-making is a powerful tool.
Rather than a desire, a possibility, or an “I’ll give it a go,” a choice is something more substantial. A decision is derived from the Latin term “decisio,” which means “to cut from an incision” in English. An important choice is one that is made without any additional considerations that might sway our course or vision in any way. In order to really make a choice, we must be completely committed to the new vision that we want to establish and maintain.
It takes a lot of willpower to make a conscious decision. Certain choices by individuals with steadfast faith have been the driving force behind major revolutions, movements, and viewpoints throughout the history of mankind. When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a person of “better rank” in 1955, her “little” choice had a huge impact on the biggest civil rights movement in American history. In the United States of America,
Just like with the young man who stood in front of six tanks in Tiananmen Square, calling for peace and an end to the uprising, this occurred. This little deed had a profound effect on the way Chinese society was seen at the time.
To become the best version of ourselves, we need to take charge of our own destinies. There is a tremendous amount of power in each of us to realize our innermost aspirations and fantasies. It’s only when we’re willing to “burn our ships” and “our supplies” that we can fully uncover the path of progress that is ours.
Right now, we have access to an enormous amount of untapped potential. Is it possible for us to go to the island?
“A true decision is measured by the fact of having undertaken a new action. If there is no action, it means you haven’t really decided. “
-Tony Robbins


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