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The Internet is becoming more and more interesting as a trading platform. Not only are real products ordered there more and more frequently, but also the market for digital products is growing continuously because the interest in such products is constantly growing. One platform that specializes in the distribution of digital products is the provider Digistore24. In this article, we explain how to earn money online with it.What is Digistore24?

If you also want to generate sales and profits on the Internet, the platform could be just right for you. You can use the platform to market your own products and services or earn money as an affiliate, i.e. as an advertising partner, by providing ads.

The founder of Digistore24 is Sven Platte, who first put the platform online in 2012 and is still considered the head of the portal today. His biggest motivation for this was initially a personal need, because he wanted to market digital products via the Internet himself, but could not find a suitable provider in German-speaking countries. But he quickly realized that others were also interested in selling digital products.

Over the years, his business idea has made the platform more and more developed, more convenient and supplemented by new functions. In the meantime, several tens of thousands of retailers and affiliates are active on Digistore24, and the influx continues. For a long time now, the company has no longer been a sole proprietorship, but employs a large number of employees.Which products are sold via Digistore24?

The variety of products on Digistore24 is really great. The offer includes, among other things:E-BooksWebinarsTutorialsVideosOnline CoursesSoftwareGamesServices of various kinds

However, this is only a small selection of things that can be sold through the platform.

The marketplace includes various categories in which the individual products are classified. In this way, a quick overview of what is possible can be obtained. It is important to know that the site is not intended for end users. Only the sellers, who are called vendors, and the affiliates come together on it. The actual sales transactions are made exclusively via the ads on the pages of the affiliates.

A major advantage of Digistore24 is the transparency that the portal offers to all users. For example, affiliates can see at a glance how high the cancellation rates are and what commissions they can get. In principle, the cancellation rates on the portal are very low and, according to their own information, are on average around six percent. How can you earn money as a seller at Digistore24?

Registration for sellers is initially free of charge. The registration is done in a few minutes. On the well-structured portal, you can quickly set the products offered, set prices and establish contact with the affiliates. In addition, the products can be marketed in appealing and individually configurable designs.

Digistore24 describes itself as a reseller. Reseller means reseller. The portal therefore sees itself as a link between the manufacturer of the product and the buyer. Strictly speaking, the individual vendor is no longer the seller, but Digistore24. This means that many bureaucratic things are also eliminated. For example, the portal takes care of the creation of invoices and also of correct taxation. This is also possible for countries other than Germany where different tax rates apply.

Digistore24 only delivers after receipt of payment and offers many common payment services. Sellers do not need any technical knowledge for the sale and are also provided with a whole series of ready-made forms. Just like the affiliate, the platform only gets money for its services when a purchase has been made. How can you earn money with an affiliate at Digistore24?

Affiliates operate websites on the Internet on which they provide their target group with interesting information, for example as bloggers. These can be texts, photos but also videos and podcasts. Since there is usually a lot of work behind the provision of the content, for which the users of the site are in most cases not willing to pay anything, the website operators often finance themselves with advertisements. These are very often placed according to the affiliate principle.

With Digistore24, affiliates can also log in in a few minutes and create a user account. In the affiliate area, they then choose the right products that fit their website or that they think could interest a large clientele.

For the affiliates, the use is also free of charge. However, earnings are only made when a purchase has been made via your own site. However, the commissions are quite high compared to other affiliate providers. The affiliates also get some tools to see how many clicks or leads they have generated, what was actually bought or which products are doing particularly well. With the help of these tools, they can customize their affiliate strategy.

By the way: If you want, you can also create a combined account with which you can act both as a vendor and as an affiliate. What are the disadvantages of Digistore24?

There are not many disadvantages with Digistore24. The biggest one is that the offer is mainly limited to digital products and services. If you want to participate, you also need a business registration. Private sales are therefore not possible. And, of course, commissions must be paid. In your own webshop, these would be omitted. For this, however, in turn, costs for marketing measures would be incurred, so that new customers are regularly won. What payment methods does Digistore24 offer?

Payment can be made at Digistore24 via the following options: by direct debit, but here only up to a limit of 500 euros, by credit card, by advance payment or via the payment services PayPal and Sofort./Klarna. Installment payments are also possible in some cases. However, this is only possible with PayPal, credit card or direct debit.How high are the costs and fees at Digistore24?

As already mentioned, there are no costs for the affiliate, and the vendor does not have to pay until a purchase has been made. Fees for sale

In principle, Digistore24 calculates a margin of 7.9 percent plus one euro per transaction. For so-called high-price products from 400 euros, the margin will be reduced to 4.9 percent. Digistore24 also offers a further discount for high-price products in the amount of five percent for a purchase transaction in advance or via Sofort./Klarna. The reduced margin is then only 2.9 percent for the price share over 400 euros.

For returns, a fee of 0.60 euros applies for amounts up to 10 euros. For amounts of more than 10 euros, one euro must be paid. In the case of a return debit note, additional fees apply.

The commissions for the affiliates, in turn, can be freely chosen as described above. Overall, the costs remain manageable and are absolutely justified for the large advertising network that Digistore24 offers.

So if you also want to earn money on the Internet with your own digital products or as an affiliate, then it can be worthwhile in any case to take a closer look at the portal. The fact is that many satisfied users with Digistore24 have been able to achieve good financial success with the provider in the past.

Digistore24 is a platform where you can earn money by selling digital products. How can you earn money at Digistore24?

At Digistore24 you either sell your own products or earn money through affiliates.

Do you still have questions? Then write us a comment!

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