Custom Consoles For Classic Cars


Custom Consoles For Classic Cars – I recently found on ebay, I bought a center console and speaker pod for the front of my car from Custom Consoles for Minis. Before I had no room for a main unit or speakers. So I went for these.

I’m very happy with everything 🙂 Unpacked (I called before I put the plans in the mail) Console already assembled in the big box – ready to remove the 8 attached screws and put it inside. Both the car speaker pods and the console come with all the parts and very detailed and clear instructions.

Custom Consoles For Classic Cars

Custom Consoles For Classic Cars

They will soon receive a custom dial made to transform the main unit in the same royal blue color for the two outer sections of the binnacle and the two black sections in the center.

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I have a size 9 foot, No problem with the legs hitting the speaker or the legs falling off. In their ad they say they guarantee you won’t touch your feet. Even my 6ft 2 friend (I’m 5ft 6″ has no problem kneeling. No wonder, the angle I’m at doesn’t hurt you 🙂

Another small update for this company. I just had a custom dial they made… just installed it today and it’s great quality. I think it fits and looks great.

Speaker connections; I really recommend them for consoles and dashboards. Repairs to join watches and air ducts; Includes extra screws. Great stuff and super fast shipping!

I was worried that my left foot would rub against the console because there wasn’t much room.

Ferrari 275 Gtb/4

I’ve had my custom armrest and console switch for a few years and it’s still as good as new. I never had any problems scrubbing my feet and couldn’t be without them.

I got the bag with the vent. I like to direct hot and cold.

Yes, As minimal retford said, On the other hand it’s not a rub.. I have a 9 footer and the console doesn’t fit very well!!

Custom Consoles For Classic Cars

You should check the screws on the central blue part on the dashboard. I received my Custom Console within a week before the entire center section fell off due to the weight of the radio.

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I recently picked up two of these and was wondering if they were fake or fake with the gold CC sticker on them. I don’t know where the “quality” part of the build is. The sides are screwed (yes SCREWED) with two plain leather effect sheets inserted to support the mdf struts.

Size The design and looks are great, but the build quality is downright rubbish, and to say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I took mine apart and replaced the dirty paper attempt with a proper layer. Thank you for choosing Alien Enclosures. We are currently closed until 2023. Follow our Facebook page for updates.

This kit features CNC cut console parts made from 1/2″ quality plywood, two stainless steel cup holders, billet inserts and hinges with hardware.

As with our other panels, They are designed to be easily covered. Upholstery glue/stitches; Get everything ready to go, or have your local upholstery shop do it for you. Once the console is covered, Adjust the top plate to match your specific model and suspension style and it’s ready to install.

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Our console is designed to fit most rear wheel drive muscle cars. It comes blank and can be polished or cut/modified to fit your car exactly.

The upper signboard is not cut all the way through. Cup handles and gear openings are marked on one side. You can customize the frame by rotating it; or aluminum; You can use your own materials like steel or aluminum. The height of the top shifter plate can be adjusted to accommodate most shifters.

** Please note – this is not a covered device. It is BARE and needs cushioning. Shown with B&M Quicksilver shifter door installed (not included).

Custom Consoles For Classic Cars

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