Best Diamond Shape For The Money


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Best Diamond Shape For The Money

Best Diamond Shape For The Money

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This cookie is set in accordance with the GDPR Cookie Consent to record the user’s consent to cookies in the “Active” section. Before you fall in love with a single lab-grown diamond for your (or) engagement ring, take a close look at the hand it will achieve. You may like the look of a certain celebrity or friend’s ring and decide to go for something similar, but we recommend that you give some thought to the shape of the finger, the length, and the overall look of the hand it will sit on.

Best Diamond Shape For The Money

We all have different hand and finger shapes – and not every diamond will look great on every hand. In fact, a given diamond shape can look completely different on two different hands because the hand or fingers are not the same.

Diamond Shapes And Cuts

Lab-created diamonds come in the same cuts and shapes as mined diamonds and are rated 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, so you can choose from our amazing lab-created diamond shapes and choose the one that’s right for you.

Round diamonds are the most versatile of all diamond shapes. It looks universal on hands of all finger lengths and shapes, big or small, and the symmetrical design will appeal to almost any wearer. The round diamond shape has been the traditional look for engagement rings for decades, especially after the “pretty” cut style was developed. It is the most popular first choice of engaged couples to date. The so-called “radiant” cut creates 58 facets that show high light return, and because round diamonds face upward, they show more light return than other diamond shapes. Its composition is versatile and looks great in any environment, even as a single solitaire.

Do you have long, thin fingers? Elegant long toes look great with square shapes like Radiant, Cushion, Emerald and Princess. Long fingers can also carry a wide belt.

With 70 facets in the pavilion and crown, the Radiant has an incredible brilliance and fire that is surpassed only by the Round Brilliant. The radiators have 8 beveled corners and are resistant to cracking, chipping and breaking, making them ideal for an active lifestyle. The Radiant cut is also well known for appearing larger than most other diamonds of the same weight, giving it more “real room” on the finger. Radians are very bright, forgiving, so you can get away with inferior diamonds in terms of clarity and color.

Engagement Ring Cuts And Their Unique Meaning

Originally known as the “Old Mine”, the Cushion shape has been around for years. It consists of square or rectangular shapes with rounded corners – and looks like a cushion, hence its name. Although generally less brilliant than round brilliant diamonds, cushion diamonds often have a better fire, which is part of their appeal. With an attractive, classic look, the cushion is a cross between a princess and a round, without the sharp edges to catch the fabric!

Princess is the second most popular choice of wedding rings. It can be square or medium rectangular in shape and look equally stunning in a modern or classic style environment. Princess diamonds have a slightly lower carat value than round cut diamonds because their design allows two identical princess cut diamonds to be cut from the same rough stone with relatively little waste. It shines more in so-called “good” conditions, with a hard surface and flexibility in many areas. Princess cut diamonds hide inclusions and poor color well, so you can save money in these areas.

Beautiful and intricate emerald shapes vary from almost square to small rectangle. Its distinctive appearance includes a flat surface and step-cut sides that make it appear larger than other diamonds of the same weight. While you won’t get the brilliant sparkle of a round diamond, an emerald cut will give you drama and distinction. Because these cuts have a wide, flat table, flaws and discoloration are often more visible, so it’s worth choosing a high-quality stone. With cut edges 8 that do not stick to clothes. It looks very flattering on those with long fingers.

Best Diamond Shape For The Money

Women with short and strong fingers should try long shapes such as pear, marquise or oval, as they will make the fingers long and thin. Small straps can make short fingers look longer.

How To Buy Round Diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds date back to 1458 when they were introduced by a diamond cutter named Lodewyk Van Berquem. A perfect pear cut diamond typically has 56 facets and its long shape makes it appear larger compared to a round diamond and reduces the appearance of the finger. Depending on your taste, the pear shape can be short and thick or long, thin.

Originally given to the Marquise de Pompadour by King Louis X1V of France, the Marquise is a ball-shaped diamond that was supposedly designed to replicate the shape of her perfect mouth.

An awning looks like a long oval stretched to a point at each end. Usually the round shape is worn down on the toe, but in rare cases you will see an oval on either side. An awning diamond should have a 2:1 aspect ratio to give it a classic boat shape. They are often seen as center diamonds in engagement rings and wedding bands, but with side stones to balance out the long, slender shape. Awning has the largest crown area of ​​any diamond shape, giving the illusion of greater size. It is a modified brilliant cut with 58 studs, giving it sparkle and shine. Marquise looks unique and unusual, so you will stand out from the crowd.

Oval is a unique image of a classic shape. Created by Lazare Kaplan in the 1960s, the oval shape is perfectly refined, giving you the fire and flair of traditional roundness. Round diamonds have the advantage of a longer shape that can give the illusion of a larger size, making them ideal for shorter fingers as this cut makes them look longer. Oval is durable for everyday wear as there are no sharp edges.

What Are Diamond Shapes?

Women with small fingers should wear small stones and a belt of medium thickness. Stick to soft styles that won’t look too tall on your arm.

Women with small hands should also avoid wearing disproportionately large diamonds. Small round, princess, holiday or heart shaped stones are best.

Women with large hands should avoid delicate, thin rings, but hearts and round shapes can be flattering. Big bangles with bold designs are perfect for big hands.

Best Diamond Shape For The Money

Important tip: If possible, try out as many different situations as possible before committing! Yours

Why Your Diamond Shape Matters

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