Benefits of technology and its disadvantages in companies


Thanks to the benefits of technology, companies have experienced a constant and significant advance over time. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, it is estimated that by 2025 the time spent by humans and machines on current work tasks will be the same. In this sense, as a professional knowing the impact of science and technology on business will allow you to know critically how to implement business technology, in such a way that it represents a safe investment for the progress and improvement of your company at a competitive level.

Therefore, we present the main advantages and disadvantages of technology within the business operation.  Benefits of technology in logistics

Talking about the advantages of technology refers to the integration of ICT in companies, both within their internal and external processes. Mainly, in the search to automate repetitive and monotonous processes. Even so, within the benefits of technology in industrial society we can also find the following:Benefit of technology #1: optimization of resources

It is easy to recognize that among the benefits of technology is the use of analytics and business intelligence (BI) systems, in order to optimally manage and visualize the financial resources and assets of the company. For example, if analytics and BI are applied to improve route planning systems, it is possible to reduce the wear and tear of transport units, delivery times, fuel consumption, etc.

Benefit of Technology #2: Process Control

Another advantage of technology is the possibility of having a global vision about the operation of the operations and processes of the company. This is thanks to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems, as well as tracking and tracing systems for delivery fleets.

For example, due to technology improvements in logistics, both the company and customers can know the location of a delivery, the time of arrival or any possible inconvenience at the time.  Benefit of Technology #3: Facilitates Communication

The benefits of technology are not only limited to the operations between the different agents of the company, but also within the importance of technology is the value it has for customers. Well, by having greater access to mobile devices, they demand a more transparent and efficient service when requesting information or solving a problem.

In this sense, delivery management systems that inform about the delivery status and the estimated reception time are examples of innovation that reduce the uncertainty of customers and favor their relationship with the company. Benefit of Technology #4: Optimize Operations Management

The benefits of technology in society allow greater business integration helping to ensure better communication between the different operations of forecasting, warehouse, supply, transportation, sales and customer service within the company.

Having a flexible and precise organization through a Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS), helps to integrate processes into a single digital platform, which opens continuous and alternate communication channels, with access to real-time information on any stage of operations. Disadvantages of technology

Having known the advantages, to have an objective and comprehensive vision we must also be aware of what the disadvantages of technology are. Well, while it is true that it brings significant advances, it is also true that we must know its risks before implementing it in our company. Therefore, within the disadvantages of technology we have: Disadvantage of technology #1: high costs

It may seem contradictory as it has been mentioned above that there is a reduction in logistics costs. However, to obtain the benefits of technology, companies must invest money to access these solutions, being that the most integral systems are not exactly the most economical.

In addition, having new technologies does not only mean investing in the necessary software or new tools, but these must be in maintenance periodically, otherwise, they will cease to be useful. Therefore, it is important to be careful about which software best suits our needs and how much we have to invest in this solution in the short and long term.

Disadvantage of Technology #2: Technological Disinformation

This may not be considered a disadvantage in itself, however, beyond the benefits of technology it is relevant to know very well the kind of tools and systems that are going to be acquired. That is, not knowing what we need, what is the best tool to respond to our demands or how to implement it correctly, this represents per se a disadvantage.

Not knowing the functions and criteria of the technological instruments can end up in deliveries of late orders, that the new software works with erroneous criteria, generating losses and, therefore, the needs of the company or the clients are not solved. Disadvantage of technology #3: lack of digital culture 

Again, more than a disadvantage of technology directly, it is a risk assumed by those companies that introduce technology into business, without properly instructing all staff on new tools and work dynamics.

In these circumstances, the necessary measures must be taken before, during and after the introduction of any digital tool, anticipating the difficulty that some people present to enter the digital culture. In this way, we will be reducing the risks that the level of productivity and efficiency will be affected during the adaptation period throughout the company.

However, not all adaptation processes require a greater effort to train staff. In this sense, as part of the benefits of technology there are specialized software that work from devices of daily use by people today, which makes the adaptation process more bearable.

For example, the LastMile by Beetrack monitoring system for last mile deliveries, which works through the carriers’ smartphones as a tracking system, both for the company and for customers, who can stay informed at all times about their order. In this way, both the company and its employees and users can benefit in a practical and versatile way.

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