Benefits and harms of technology in your daily life

Screens. How many do you look at throughout the day? How is your relationship with them? How does the unstoppable technological revolution affect your life?

That’s what we’re talking about here, the benefits and harms of technology that you can see in your daily life.

Those of us who played shuffleboard or corresponded with friends who spent their holidays very far away (3 or 4 provinces above), more than a change, we have experienced a complete transformation of our lives.

For many of us, technology came to make our existence easier and give us access to opportunities of all kinds, which we did not have before.

Likewise, there are people who consider that technology invades us, imposes its rhythm on us and deprives us of valuable things.

I have inquired through studies, analyses and expert opinions, to see which side the balance is tilted the most: towards the benefits of technology or its harms.

In general, the benefits weigh more. Documents highlighting the harms of technology are often related to the misuse or abuse of technology.

From that perspective, there are quite a few pros and cons, so that you value how technology affects you. And, in the end, some recommendations to take the weight off the damages, in case there are in your case.

1. Benefits of technology in everyday life

1. Access to abundant information. The one you want, whatever you want. And, if it is not, you can put it on.

2. Ease of expression. You have spaces to choose from to talk about what you think, what you know, what you feel or what happens to you.

3. Varied entertainment. For (almost) all tastes.

4. Fast or instant communication, as in Whatsapp.

5. Ease of meeting diverse people. People with whom you can share concerns, start a relationship or develop any project.

6. Ease of shortening distances, both in personal relationships and in others.

7. Permanent availability, 24 hours a day. Point against, if you are the one available full-time.

8. Easy to buy that which makes you so excited and that is not in your terroir. Also, to exchange, sell or donate.

9. Ease to make bureaucratic procedures, of those in which before you spent hours in line. Or management, in general.

10. Business Opportunities. To undertake them, to reach more audiences, to work as a team remotely, etc.

11. Opportunities to learn. There are people who teach you to do almost anything you’re interested in learning. And, given the abundance of resources, you can choose the ones that convince you the most and go at the pace you want.

2. Harms of technology

We also have a long list. Remember that they usually derive from the misuse or abuse of technology. More specifically, devices with seductive screens.

1. Isolation. What an irony! Everyone talks and few listen. Many interactions; How many of them are interested in you, in really getting to know you?

2. Impairment of social skills. When most interactions are virtual, practice is lost with face-to-face contact.

3. Deterioration of visual health. Needless to say.

4. Sedentary lifestyle. Too many hours without movement, with how bad that is for the body.

5. Sleep disorder. Before sleeping we need to relax. The screens and their bright lights until the wee hours, do not contribute to it.

6. Stress, due to interruptions and excess distractions. Or because we can all find you at any time and expect an immediate response from you.

7. Dependency. What a “monkey” you get when your job or your most important relationships depend on you being connected… and the network goes down!

8. Deception. Lying has never been easier. For the apparent anonymity and the supposed ease of having a double face. Who’s who?

9. Abundance of unpleasant characters. Those who lie, those who scam, those who harass, sadistic trolls, heavyweights… or those unscrupulous beings who have children or vulnerable people in their sights.

10. Cut in privacy, in intimacy. If you don’t lie, it’s also delicate to tell the whole truth in detail. Anyone (including someone from point 9) can search for you on Google or Facebook and find out about your adventures.

3. Recommendations for a healthy relationship with technology

1. Know and apply security measures. These, for example, are very basic, courtesy of experts in collaboration with Google.

2. Think before participating. If you are rather secretive or very open with your information or opinions is up to you. Just keep in mind that, in addition to your friends and good people, you are seeing beings who want to use you to their advantage.

3. Adopt a critical spirit. On the net there is a lot of reliable information, but there is also about the other, as well as hidden intentions.

4. Have a purpose in mind when you’re in front of a screen. The one you want: work, chat for a while, watch a documentary, read about a topic. Finished the task, goodbye and something else.

5. Establish schedules. Instead of keeping an eye on screens all day, decide your spaces.

6. Maintain “old-fashioned” personal relationships; doing whatever, but face-to-face. It is compatible with also relating at a distance.

7. Enjoy activities “offline” or that do not have a screen in between. The ones you choose.

8. Listen to you (that, yourself). Spending some time with you (without screens) can be very comforting, because you rest from excess stimuli.

You could try a hobby or a “slow” activity (type of book reading, walk …) to find that space of calm. Or, simply, stay a few minutes alone with your emotions and thoughts.

You see that the use of technology has advantages and disadvantages.

The proposed measures could be summarized in two: prudence and balance. Apply the ones you see fit (these or others) to maximize the benefits side. (Yes, yes. I’m in it too.)

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