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77 Life Tips ( 2022 ) to have 100% a HAPPY life

Throughout my life I have been (and continue) asking for life advice to most of the people I come across, especially the women I meet along the way.

It is very interesting to learn from what others have experienced, especially when it helps you to have perspective and you learn to live your life much calmer (or at least to have a calmer mind).

Throughout these years traveling I have discovered that, even if you are in a moment that seems bad, every situation can change in a matter of seconds. Change depends, above all, on your mind.

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The change of chip is what will make you get up from the ground, recover energy, and thank even the simplest details of your life … Life Tips

I leave you here the life tips that have served me the most and helped me in more than a moment. Tips that have inspired me to make decisions and live much more in peace.

Note: I’ve made some images so that you can easily save them to Pinterest. You just have to hover your mouse over or click on the image.

Now, here are my 77 favorite life tips:

Read: thoughtful phrasesIt’s not the end of the world.Everything is going to be fine. It always does.The energy you give off is what you attract.Ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen?If you can’t love yourself, how can you love someone?You can’t control how people think or act, but you can control how you react to their response.People’s reactions and responses are reflections of their thoughts.Tell your truth, but say it with empathy.

You are stronger than you imagine.Apologize, not permission.Our minds always go beyond reality.Do not give up. Fix it and continue on your way.If you can’t get it right, do it carefully.Be present.Carpe Diem.Do it.If you don’t believe in it, it’s okay to quit.Stop worrying about things that never happened.It’s okay to change your mind.There are no good or bad decisions, just easy or complicated decisions.Try to learn from the mistakes of others, you don’t have time to do them all yourself.If spending time with your friends or partner doesn’t bring you happiness, why do you spend time with them?Don’t do that to yourself, you already have enough damage.You will get the money back.Have no expectations.Breathe, you are where you should be.

Trust your gut.When you’re in a bad situation, ask yourself so what? You will gain perspective.If you grow up surrounded by crows, you will become a crow. Choose your environment.Don’t accept criticism from people you wouldn’t ask for advice.You may believe that you can or cannot. In both cases, you’re right.If people don’t laugh at your dreams, they’re not big enough.Don’t let fear stop you.We are solely responsible for how we react to things we cannot change.A winner does not leave himself out.You deserve your dreams.Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do.Be afraid when others are greedy, and greedy when others are afraid.And then?

What will be, will be.You are the master of your destiny.Always have plan B.Without health, you can’t enjoy life.If you have a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it do it.Like the chá cha cha, in life you sometimes take steps forward, sometimes backward. But if you don’t go forward, you don’t dance.Accept the responsibility that comes to you in your life.Don’t accept excuses.Life tips for a woman

Several women have shared with me their secrets to living better. Remember to adapt these tips to your own life, the one you want and long for. What worked for them may not work for you. So experiment, try, and change the pace or “adjust the candles” whenever you need to.Stop blaming others for who you are.What would you do if you were afraid?Step by step.Recognize what you’re worth.What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.He is always a small decision away from an entirely different life.We are one. What you do to others, you also do to yourself.Better to be single than to wish to be.

You are what you believe.Be a good person, especially with yourself.Anything is possible. The impossible simply takes more time.Stop taking all the advice that comes to you.Develop a mentality of abundance not scarcity.You attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.What is not real does not last.Some people see who you really are, others don’t. The judgment is his, it has nothing to do with you.You can’t make everyone happy, but you can make yourself happy.Beginnings are the hardest and easiest part. Start small and build.The problem is not how much you earn, it’s how much you spend.You get what you tolerate.Someday it doesn’t exist. What you do today will be the mirror of your life in 1,5,10 years. To change your future you must change who you are today.

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.Know the unwritten rules and your beliefs, learn to break through them, expand them, and become more flexible. That will give you growth and space to become who you really want to be.In life you cannot fail. You win or you learn.You can’t move mountains in one, but they can be moved if you change stone to stone.Life Mottos – Life Tips in English

There are some phrases / tips in English that translated lose action or strength, so I leave them here as is. I’m sure you’ve heard them more than once in your life. And you’ll keep listening to them.

Read: phrases for instagram in EnglishFake it till you make it.Never try, never know.Believe it until you see it.What you’re not changing, you’re choosing.KISS: Keep it simple Stupid.Summary of life tips for reflection

There you have them, good life advice from women that I have heard throughout my life. Surely some you already knew, others will be new to you.

You can reread them as many times as you need. Somehow, it puts things in perspective, inspiring us to never forget that life

You have to take it as it comes!

We must also remember that the best way to live is one in which each one feels at ease. There are millions of different maneas, and they are all valid. Your turn

Do I leave any life advice that you consider essential? Is any of these phrases your Motto of life?

Leave your tips to be happy in the comments, I love reading them and knowing your opinion. And now…

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