75 Serious Ways to Make More Money in 2022

Probably the most classic part-time job, which is usually done by students and young people. Doesn’t bring the big money, but still.

You can find more part-time jobs especially for students in the following video:

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Blood and plasma donations are needed continuously and, depending on the provider, are remunerated with around 15 – 50 euros per donation.

Donations can be made, for example, to the German Red Cross or Haema.

3. Online surveys and product tests

An easy way to make money online is to fill out online surveys and product tests.

One of these portals is the TrendsetterClub, where you receive 500 welcome points when you register.

Through providers like WordPress, you can start your own blog in a few minutes and use it, for example, to sell your own products / services or to refer to other products.

On platforms like Fotolia or Shutterstock, you can post and sell your own photos.

You can also make money through stocks. But beware: Not suitable for beginners, please read comprehensively about the topic beforehand.

In order not to pay too much money when trading shares, you should first compare the different custodian providers. The following table will help you find the right provider:

Free stock savings plans Permanently commission-free Rated 4.5 stars on Trustpilot Depot opening in minutes

Time for you to make more of your assets. Invest in stocks, ETFs, crypto and derivatives or create your personal savings plan – simple and secure.

Open your custody account and receive a bonus share worth up to €200 at launch.

Even if there seems to be an app for everything, maybe you discover a gap in the market and can earn money through your own app?

The homeowners are on vacation and are looking for someone who takes care of the house and animal? That’s exactly where you come into play and can live inexpensively in the house. With providers like trustedhousesitters.com you will find many offers for house sitting jobs.

Fullfillment by Amazon (FBA) has recently become increasingly well-known. You send your own products to Amazon and the mail order company takes care of the shipping to the customer and any returns.

Further information on Amazon FBA can be found in the following video by Dirk Kreuter:

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You have extensive knowledge on the subject of X and would like to help other people? Nowadays, an e-book can be written quickly after a little training time and brought to the woman or man with the right strategy.

In affiliate marketing, you sell products or services of others and receive a commission for each sale.

12. Make money with Facebook

Create a Facebook page on a narrow topic and fill it with content. Once you’ve built a community, for example, you can post affiliate links that lead to products or services that your followers use.

Create a profile on Instagram and choose a topic that should match your posts. You can earn money quickly, for example, through cooperation with other companies or via affiliate links.

Learn how to get more Instagram followers.

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On Youtube you can upload videos and recommend your own or third-party products and link them in the video description.

Many providers offer rewards for changing the current account and you can save any fees with your current provider.

Especially in times of low interest rates, a change of account can pay off.

Real-time banking Support on DE, EN, SP, IT & FR Apple Pay and Google Pay supported Opened in 8 minutes

Transfer, receive and manage your money via the N26 mobile app or the N26 web app. Open your free checking account in just 8 minutes. Without paperwork, stress and waiting times. Directly on your smartphone.

Through special platforms, you can lend to other people who pay you interest on them.

Build up a newsletter list through a blog or similar and sell your own or third-party products/ services through it.

A very general tip, that’s right. But take a look at how others make money on the Internet and don’t just consume the offers. You can also find some tips in this list.

More tips on how to make money online can be found in the following video:

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Remember the Pokémon Go hype some time ago? Take advantage of these opportunities and create videos or e-books on the topic, for example.

In crowdinvesting, you usually invest in young companies or real estate together with other investors. After completing the term, you will receive the invested amount plus interest.

Our up-to-date crowdinvesting comparison shows you selected offers in which you can invest.

Twitch is an online streaming service where viewers can watch you play and support you with donations.

Again, a more unusual tip, but there are people who play poker professionally and can make a living from it.

The following report by follow me.reports shows what this looks like in practice:

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23. Sell unneeded items

Do you have things in your household that you haven’t used in a while? Why not monetize them and sell them on eBay, Wirkaufens or the local flea market?

With platforms such as Textbroker or Content.de, you can accept text orders and earn money according to your qualifications.

Of course, you can also become self-employed as a copywriter and usually earn more money than on text platforms.

On Etsy, you can open your own online store and sell your own creations.

The topic of e-sports has recently become more and more popular and tournaments with prize money are being held.

Not a tip for beginners, but with real estate you can earn good money in this day and age.

Online shops such as Spreadshirt.de allow you to open your own online shop where you can design and sell your own T-shirts and other products.

Further information can be found in the following video:

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Also a classic job for pupils and students – so why not?

Especially if you are an expert in a field, you can pass on your knowledge for a fee to students but also to students and adults.

Your strengths lie in social media marketing? You can also use your knowledge for other companies and their social media channels and have it remunerated accordingly.

You have a lot of knowledge about a topic and would like to create an online course? Don’t let yourself be deterred. For example, you can make the course known via your website or your social media channels.

If one or more foreign languages suit you really well, you can use this knowledge and translate it as texts.

34. Rent your apartment at

Through providers like Airbnb, you can sublet your own apartment on a daily basis and earn money.

Providers such as Weltsparen allow you to invest fixed-term deposits abroad and thus benefit from the higher interest rates than in Germany.

A comparison with foreign banks can be worthwhile.

Fixed deposit with up to 1.50% interest p.a. Permanently attractive overnight interest rates Investment products from 50 € per month Build up smart retirement provision

Saving, investing and making provisions are not complicated. We focus on the main investments. On one platform. For your financial freedom.

By selling old newspapers and advertising inserts, you can build up a small additional income.

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