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No one is immune to going through those moments of dismay when it seems difficult to maintain personal motivation to move forward with projects and dreams.

That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with tactics and strategies to stay motivated, even when the mood is lacking.

So if this is your case, follow us because we will try to show you how you can maintain your personal motivation. Personal motivation: what is it?

It is the motive or the cause, an impetus that precedes the action towards the achievement of some goal in the personal area. In other words, motivation is like a flame that burns within us and makes us do something that, in turn, will contribute to the realization of a dream or project. Discouragement makes it difficult to maintain personal motivation.

That is, when we are not motivated, it is much more difficult to leave the place and take action. As a result, things are unlikely to go as we wish, and our dreams can be shelved, which further discourages us and can start a vicious cycle.7 ways to maintain personal motivation.

Prevention is better than cure, today we will learn some ways to keep our motivation motivated and prevent the flame that drives us towards our dreams from being extinguished.1 – Remember the reason

Motivation comes from motive and cause, as we have just learned. Every action we plan exists for a reason.

It can be the desire to have a better life, give your children a good future, pursue the profession of your dreams, make someone happy, take care of your parents as a way to reward your efforts or travel somewhere example

One way to maintain personal and professional motivation and to be driven to keep working and acting in one direction is to remember why and what can be achieved if we continue our efforts. Remembering your goals is important for maintaining personal motivation.

Acting for the sake of acting may seem exhausting and limited, but taking action keeping in mind that this is an important step in achieving something we wholeheartedly desire is a way to convince ourselves that it’s really worth it.2 – Surround yourself with positive people.

As safe and secure as we are, talking to negative people who question and dismiss all our dreams and projects can leave that little annoying drop behind our ears and make us doubt that we will get what we want so much. Positive conversations help maintain personal motivation

Having positive people around that not only encourages us to move forward with our dreams, but also gives us ideas and suggestions to improve, has the opposite effect. Therefore, we must surround ourselves.3 – Never stop studying

Study and new learning feed our minds, help us find new ideas, learn new ways and strategies to put dreams and projects into practice, and improve our skills. Therefore, the study cannot be left out of the list of tactics to maintain personal motivation.

And how to maintain motivation in studies? One tip is to convince yourself that study is a source of knowledge and can help improve many areas of life.

For example, more study can mean a better job, resulting in a better quality of life and helping others.4 – Think less

Like that? Do we have to stop planning? No way. However, thinking too much about the actions that need to be taken and starting to hesitate and not stick to everything can make it difficult to maintain personal motivation.

When we think too much, we run the risk of never finding the perfect plan and simply sticking to ideas without having the drive to put our dreams into practice.

So think only about what is necessary, be careful and plan. However, don’t let time pass for action and eliminate your personal and professional motivation.5 – Know yourself

Have you ever found yourself taking an unexpected action or failing to do something that made it difficult to maintain personal motivation? Have you ever found yourself taking an unexpected action or failing to do something that made it difficult to maintain personal motivation?

In order not to be surprised by these moments, pay more attention to yourself and try to know yourself.

One exercise that can help is to stop for a moment, evaluate your feelings and attitudes, and write down your positives and areas where you need to improve.

Also keep in mind when you feel most motivated and when you are less motivated. This can help you understand what situations, feelings, and events drive you and discourage you.6 – Track your own progress

We can be immediate and unmotivated because something isn’t working right now. But if we look at what’s been happening in the long run, we can remember small victories that got us to where we are and maintain the personal motivation to keep going.

One tip for keeping these small victories in mind is to track and record your own progress through notes and images and leave them in a visible place like a drawer, refrigerator door, or wallet.7 – Look less at others.

Comparing yourself to others can make it almost impossible to maintain personal motivation. Looking too much at others and discovering that their lives are perfect and better than ours can make us feel frustrated and disappointed.

So instead of complaining about not having what others have, why not turn that bad feeling into an admiration and be inspired by the people you want to reach?

You can even ask for advice and exchange experiences.

But keep in mind that things are never as perfect as you think. Do you know that the neighbor’s grass always looks greener? The problem is that we never know the full picture of people’s lives.

As much as it may seem that everything is perfect for others, they are also human, go through good times and bad, win and lose, motivate and discourage, like us, and need help to maintain their motivation in their personal lives. Professional


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