7 ways to earn money on the Internet


Usually, here on my blog, I present professional and permanent ways on how to make money from websites. But not everyone is self-employed or wants a full-time income, but earns something on the side.

Many just want to earn a few euros on the side and that is also possible. That’s why I present 7 ways in which you can earn income online on the side.

If you want to earn real good income online and are willing to invest more time and work, you should take a look at these more than 20 tips for making money on the Internet.

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Before I present the various possibilities, I would like to point out once again that this is not about sources of income that you can live on in a short time. Apart from the fact that this is not so easy anyway, the following tips are intended for all those who really want to earn a little money without much effort.

This is neither a long-term business model, nor will it earn larger amounts, but many are happy about a little more money.

Writing texts If you like to write, have a good general knowledge and also like to deal with new topics, writing texts is a good and fast way to earn something on the Internet.

Platforms such as content.de or textbroker.de have specialized in exactly this activity and offer the opportunity to earn something by writing texts. But also more general websites, such as bloggerjobs.de, offer a variety of jobs for those who can and want to write texts.

The earning potential is not very high, especially at the beginning, but you get a very decent remuneration. You can earn even more if you have many satisfied regular customers and are recommended to others.

Small services The market for small online services is booming. Of course, this is due to the fact that many simply want to earn a few euros on the side, but also the clients appreciate that motivated contractors are available for small tasks.

Platforms such as clickworker.de or fiverr.com make it possible to take over simple tasks such as transcripts, content creation, research or even the creation of graphics. Of course, there should be a certain amount of experience and know-how in the respective area. But then you can easily get small jobs.

Again, you certainly won’t get rich with this (as with any of the tips in this article), but for in between, these platforms offer small jobs to earn a little extra. Depending on the order, it can sometimes be more than just pocket money.

Refer family and friends In addition to the classic affiliate programs that explicitly exclude the advertising of friends or family members, there are others. For example, you can recommend DSL and mobile phone contracts to friends and family. By recruiting new customers in your own family and circle of acquaintances in this way, you receive remuneration.

This “affiliate marketing light” is of course particularly suitable for those who have a large circle of acquaintances and like to recommend products to others. However, you should proceed carefully and not want to turn everything on everyone. Otherwise you will quickly have a few fewer friendships.

This type of source of income is well suited for anyone who passes on recommendations anyway and is very contact-friendly.

Affiliate Marketing Of course, real affiliate marketing can also be done on the side. You don’t even need your own website. In the meantime, almost all partner programs can also be used on third-party platforms such as Facebook or YouTube. If you are already very active there anyway and publish content, then you can earn something with additional built-in affiliate links.

Of course, you should also be careful not to overdo it and only use thematically appropriate affiliate links. Current offers have proven themselves well in the past, because who is not happy when you can save something.

Depending on the reach of your own profile, you can even earn quite a lot of money in this way, but usually it is at least a small additional income. Step by step you can learn affiliate marketing in this online course.

Sell on eBay This is not about a professional shop on eBay, but about private sales. Each of us has things lying in closets or under the bed that he or she doesn’t really need anymore. Unfortunately, many find it difficult to part with it, even though you haven’t looked at it for ages. I know that very well myself.

This dead capital can be quickly turned into money on eBay. Simply take a picture and insert a neat description text, and you’re ready to go. For bulky things, on the other hand, ebay-kleinanzeigen.de is more suitable, as it is mainly about regional sales.

Of course, the sale of your own things is not a permanent source of income, but before you carry some things around with you forever, you can rather get some money for it.

Sell your own products You have a craft hobby and like to make your own products? Why don’t you sell them online?

Platforms like etsy offer exactly this possibility. Here you can set up and sell your own creations without technical know-how or other effort.

Of course, you should do a little advertising for it and as everywhere good photos are very helpful, but otherwise these are probably the best platforms for creative people. There are even people who make a living from selling their product on these sites, even if something like that takes time.

Answer surveys Surveys are among the earning opportunities on the Internet, which I recommend only to a limited extent. There is now the possibility to earn a few euros per survey response, but of course this is not really lucrative or permanent.

Nevertheless, you can find a lot of platforms on the net that offer exactly that. For example, there are many survey offers on swagbucks.com, where you earn swagbucks, which you can exchange for vouchers. Often, however, it is also premiums that you get in return, but these are also worth money, such as meinungsstudie.de.

If you really only want to earn a few euros every now and then, paid surveys are worth a look. Beware of dubious offers

Anyone who accepts such small work or orders should definitely pay attention to dubious providers. Unfortunately, one reads again and again about promises that are too good to be true. And so it is. A few thousand euros on the side for little work is not possible on the Internet, even if it sounds very tempting.

At the latest when you have to buy something, the alarm bells should go off. The Internet offers many opportunities to earn money, but here too market economic basics apply and no one has anything to give away. Earn a few euros by the way!

The presented possibilities are intended for all those who want to earn a few euros on the side from time to time. It does not become a business.

If, on the other hand, you want to achieve good income in the long term and maybe even be able to make a living from the Internet, you should approach things differently.

For example, by building niche websites, you can build up a permanent passive side income. Likewise, it can be very worthwhile to earn money as an author of eBooks. These are more and more on the rise. And even today you can build a successful and lucrative blog, even if this of course takes time.

How to proceed step by step as a start-up on the Internet and what you have to pay attention to, you will learn in my big tutorial.

My name is Peer Wandiger. I have been self-employed on the net for more than 15 years and run blogs, websites, podcasts and YouTube channels.

Here in the blog I have been writing since 2007 and you will find more than 3,000 articles from me about business start-ups, self-employment, earning money on the Internet and other topics. The best articles from over 15 years and all about me.

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