+7 Conferences on Personal Improvement and Motivation

Are you interested in improving your life? Are you interested in motivating yourself to achieve your goals? Are you interested in learning how to overcome obstacles? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place. Here you will see motivational lectures that will help you improve your life and achieve all your goals. Enjoy these lectures and learn to change your life forever. Motivation and self-improvement talks

Aspire to your full potential and achieve it by learning to manage complexity, both emotional and rational.  Are you lacking motivation or in low spirits? Maybe you are living some bad times with covid-19? Ready to have a good time watching lectures? Motivational lectures? When work is your passion, everything flows like a charm. For me personal growth (call it coaching, mentoring, or “whatever”), is my great passion and hobby. That’s why I write, that’s why I learn, that’s why I share. I think I am one of the people who shares the most personal growth content, because at the end of the day I enjoy it a lot, and that shows when you look at this blog, the YouTube video channel, the Autocoaching books, the free Book-Blog Get Happiness, or the website of the Happiness Play application based on the Methodology Autocoaching.La best self-improvement conference

An example of self-improvement that shows how you can work in uncertainty without falling into the usual messages of the powerful “happy flowers” that tell you to keep smiling even at the worst funerals. Enough of so much stupidity! If you want to feel the importance of how to manage happiness in these days of uncertainty, start with this super event at the Feria de León in Mexico that I performed before almost 1000 people and a lot of authorities. The applause at the end is the result of the fun and closeness with which I dealt with the subject … do not miss them in this conference on happiness that will help you a lot on your path of self-improvement!

Happiness Conference at the Feria de León in Mexico, Guanajuato. An example of motivational conferences in Mexico

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Lecturer at the Feria de León in Mexico, Guanajuato. An example of a Spanish speaker in Mexico

▷ Do not miss the last Happiness Conference at the Feria de León in Mexico, Guanajuato, where the best reflections of happiness were shared.

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Do not miss the last Happiness Conference at the Feria de León in Mexico, Guanajuato, where the best reflections of happiness were shared.

Conference of Motivation and Happiness at the Feria de León in Mexico, Guanajuato. An example of a self-improvement conference

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Of the best conferences of personal improvement 2019 that you will be able to see in Mexico by the hand of an expert in happiness

👉 If you are looking to hire speakers for your event check out my conference pageSome testimonials from motivational conferences

Remuneration can be tangible or intangible. Tangibles are well known, such as money, car-car, etc. The intangibles are recognition, unexpected awards, etc. For me, the recognition in my work is what makes me continue tirelessly giving value in motivational conferences. Many days I receive messages of thanks; an Argentine told me recently that he adored me more than Messi (and that he does not believe himself to be a perfect person). There are hundreds of messages that are in the comments of the videos, on Facebook, I leave you one of the ones that moved me the most:

I am a pediatrician and 3 months ago I had to diagnose a Leukemia in a very close 4-year-old boy, son of a co-worker… Today I saw him again after very intense treatments, he had lost hair, weight, etc … but his smile was the same! and I thought “and one complains about so much shit!!”

And this afternoon I dedicated myself to watching his videos and it was a pleasure to see his motivational lecture! I am convinced that we have a lot to learn…

So you know if you need self-improvement conferences. If you are discouraged or know of someone who is like this, share on your social networks some of my conferences … because these conferences of personal motivation made from the heart and teach another way of seeing the world! Happiness Conference

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