+50 Tips: Earn money online throughout Switzerland in 2022

Earn money online from the comfort of your own home or on the go? Thanks to increasing digitalization, there are countless new opportunities every day to build up an online income.

The many possibilities can be overwhelming, so here is a list of the top 50 tips. You can adopt them 1:1, or optimize them even further. Think about the individual points. Because the more specifically you adapt the ideas for yourself, the better you can earn money online throughout Switzerland or internationally.

An important credo applies to every company: If you can solve a problem for others, you can often earn money with it.

Keep this sentence in mind as you go through the following 50 ideas.

1. Create and sell an online course

You have acquired a special knowledge, an exciting hobby or knowledge that was difficult to find?

People are becoming more and more impatient and our world faster and faster. Therefore, you can make money with an online course if you show others how to achieve something quickly or easily.

You mean you have no knowledge of it?

Here are a few ideas for an online course as inspiration:Learn Swiss German online course (perfect for foreigners who have immigrated)Create an online course that shows how to cut your own hairCreate a course that shows how you have successfully completed your ETH studies or KV apprenticeship

You can sell the course e.g. on Skillshare or Udemy. If you don’t know how to create an online course, you can acquire the knowledge yourself in a course, google it or have it done by a freelancer. Speaking of freelancers…

“Intelligent is those who learn from the mistakes of others.” From all our tests and testimonials, we have put together our top selection for you

2. Offer your skills as a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork

If you have a special skill, you can also offer it as a freelancer. For example, you speak Italian or a “special” language?

Then you can, for example, offer yourself as a translator on platforms such as Fiverr.

On such freelancer platforms you can offer any skills and thus build up a digital income.

Conversely, if you lack a skill, you can easily and inexpensively find professionals there.

3. Earn money with products throughout Switzerland

Manufacturers are often looking for test persons for their new products before they come onto the market. On tester platforms such as Meinungsplatz * or directly with manufacturers such as Philipps you can test products or websites.

Often you will receive free products in addition to the online income.

4. Write and sell a book (eBook or print)

Have you ever bought an eBook? Thanks to Amazon and Co, anyone can become an author very easily today.

You can also easily publish a 20-page book there, as you don’t need a publisher. In addition to an eBook, a printed book is also possible and you do not have to worry about sales. As an author, you can build up a passive income online in the long term.

Are you looking for a ghostwriter or someone to design a book cover for you? Fiverr is your address.

5. Create Feedback Management for Restaurants

Have you ever searched for restaurants in a foreign city? Surely you use Google Reviews or TripAdvisor for this. At least that’s how millions of people do it every day.

Some restaurants have thousands of 5 star reviews, others only 2 and these are also bad.

You can help restaurants collect good reviews for a fee. For example, by showing them how they get a review from their customers for a free espresso or cookie. You can make this accessible via displays on the tables via QR code.

“Intelligent is those who learn from the mistakes of others.” From all our tests and testimonials, we have put together our top selection for you

Investments are becoming more and more digital and can fortunately be conveniently processed online. With trading or long-term investments, you can earn money online throughout Switzerland or build up a passive income with dividends.

You have some money over and want to make it available to others for interest? There are certain risks, but so-called P2P lending can be attractive for passive income.

More and more people want to become self-employed and have to advertise. On Facebook, Instagram, Google and Co, paid ads can be placed. The topic is very complex and many entrepreneurs “burn” money there. If you teach yourself this skill, you can do so-called performance marketing.

Here you show other entrepreneurs for a commission how they can successfully place advertising and get a share in their profits.

“Intelligent is those who learn from the mistakes of others.” From all our tests and testimonials, we have put together our top selection for you

8. Become a virtual assistant

Especially as a student or if you only work part-time, for example, you can earn a flexible income as a virtual assistant (VA). Because with the location-independent job you can earn money from anywhere. Platforms mediate you and you can earn a good CHF 25 – 40 per hour with digital assistance tasks. Where? Fiverr, for example.

You have already completed a school, apprenticeship or even a degree? Then help others to achieve this.

Since homeschooling has become normal, online tutoring has also become increasingly popular. Students are happy for any help and you can easily build up a side income.

More and more companies are concentrating on high-quality and high-priced products or training courses. Keyword “High Ticket Closing”. These products are increasingly advertised online and then completed by call/phone. If you are linguistically gifted and like to be in contact with people, you can work in sales from home.

Important: Find a product that you can stand behind.

“Intelligent is those who learn from the mistakes of others.” From all our tests and testimonials, we have put together our top selection for you

11. Pass on specialist knowledge

Similar to tutoring, this applies to any other special knowledge. You have a good knack for dating? Then become a dating coach. You have a green thumb and roses thrive splendidly with you? Show it to others!

What skills do you have? No matter how crazy, there will always be other people somewhere in the world for whom your knowledge is worth money.

In many respects, Switzerland is strongly separated from the markets of its neighbouring countries. This often leads to distortions in prices and thus opportunities for arbitrage trading. In Austria there are certain goods very inexpensive? Find out what the legal import costs and whether money can be earned with it.

Thanks to free trade agreements with China, you can also look further and buy products on Alibaba and sell them on platforms like Ricardo.

Websites are “old hat” and yet many companies have bad websites. Keep your eyes open. If you see an otherwise “good” company with a bad website, you can make them an offer for a good website.

You can also have a website created cheaply on Fiverr and then sell it to a company. It is best to have your own website created as an advertisement/example first.

With your own website, you can build up an income throughout Switzerland thanks to affiliate marketing.

14. Manage social media profiles

Similar to websites, social media appearances are also important for more and more companies and people. Does a doctor have time for an Instagram channel? Probably not. But maybe he will help the social media channel to win customers.

For young people, Tik Tok and Co are easy to understand, for a 50-year-old dentist perhaps less. So you can use such experts if necessary. Offer a social media service and build or maintain the channels for them.

An indication of interest from them? A bad social media profile. Then they’ve already given it a try, but you can show how they can get more out of the profiles. Keep your eyes open!

15. Become a ghost writer (bachelor thesis etc.)

If you have ever sat on a bachelor thesis or other big theses, you have probably come across ghostwriters. At least I was always shown such services when procrastinating 🙂

Hi, I'am a developer website, content writer and social media enthusiast. Happy reading....

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