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34 Best Short Phrases to Motivate Kids

There are phrases that we say almost without thinking, have been established in our culture and are transmitted from parents to children. They are phrases that contain great wisdom and that help us to educate the value of effort and perseverance in children. In we offer you 34 short phrases for children that are excellent to transmit the values of kindness, positivity or work. They are phrases that help children to assume failures, to fight for victories and to relate to others.

It would be impossible to learn all these phrases by heart and say them at the most appropriate time, but there are always some that remain in our memory and we can say them to our children to help them understand the emotions and feelings. Don’t miss these 34 short phrases to motivate children. Some of these phrases are by famous authors and others belong to popular wisdom, but all are worth a reflection:

Never forget that great achievements require time and patience

The top is not reached by surpassing others but by surpassing oneself.

Leave behind what doesn’t lead you forward

Gratitude is the memory of the heart

Do something worthwhile, opportunities don’t come back

Without sacrifice there is no victory

It’s free!

There is no better remedy for sadness than love and a smile

Life is very simple, but we strive to make it difficult

Be happy, don’t accept less

Your dream will never fade if you don’t let it go

Learn from the past, live the present and work for the future

Time is the most valuable thing you have, don’t waste it

Before you speak, think, but before you think, read

Good things take time

Those who know how to think don’t need teachers

Stop thinking and solve your problems

Let what has to be, be

Laughter is the most effective pain medicine, and without side effects

Your most difficult experience is your best teacher

Do you want good? Do good and everything will come

Your freedom ends where that of others begins

We are always in time to do things better

Those in a hurry stumble

Even from bad times you can draw positive conclusions

Talk less and observe more

In life everything is possible, you just have to trust it

A man who does not think for himself, does not think at all

Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today

People who make a mistake and don’t correct it make an even more serious mistake.

It doesn’t matter what you decide. What matters is that it makes you happy.

Hope is the last thing you lose

Enjoy the little things

Nothing is more contagious than example

Proverbs are messages in phrases of popular origin that are related and based on a moral thought and what was learned from an experience. These are famous phrases with wisdom from different cultures. In we have gathered some popular proverbs from different sources.

What is motivation and why is it so important in children’s education? Motivation is the impulse that will allow the child to continue studying, fighting and acting day by day to meet their goals. Motivation positively influences their behavior, perceptions and expectations. In we give you some tips to encourage motivation in children:

– Provide new and different experiences to childrenIt is very important for children to try new things, whenever possible. A new food, a new game or toy, a walk in an unknown place, a different song, a new story… they are activities that will motivate them to grow and to know other realities and people.

– Involve children in family decisionsChildren can and should participate in many of the decisions made by their parents, for example, about how to organize their room, their toys… about what clothes they want to wear, what toy they want to play with, or what kind of food they want to eat.

– Respect the opinion of childrenShielding what children say and want is a way of considering, acknowledging and respecting their individuality. It is important for parents to be empathetic and ‘come down to the height’ of their children to get to know them and know what they think and feel.

– Be an example to childrenWithout the good example of parents, there is no motivation for children. It is important that children also see that their parents feel pleasure for something, be it a sport, a book, a trip, etc. It is necessary for parents to express to their children what they like.

– Recognize the victories and achievements of childrenFor children, the opinion of their parents is relevant. Therefore, it is important to recognize, clearly and firmly, all the achievements of children and make them feel competent and capable.

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