31 Serious Ways to Make Money Online in 2022

1. Earn money online with a blog

With a blog on a narrow topic, for example, you can earn money online through ads or affiliate marketing.

The testing of websites by real people is needed again and again. Usually you can also do the tests from your home PC.

3. Use Facebook to make money on the Internet

On a Facebook Page, you can use affiliate links or run ads from other companies. Alternatively, you can also use your private profile or Facebook groups and share affiliate links there.

Place the app in the Appstore or Google Play and earn money through advertising in the app or through the purchase price of the app.

Forums must be monitored continuously and unwanted contributions must be removed or moderated.

Build an Instagram channel on a topic and collaborate with other companies in your target audience. Here you will also find tips for more Instagram followers.

For more information about making money on Instagram, watch the following video:

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With self-made videos, you can earn money online, for example by mentioning products and linking to affiliate links in the description or working with external partners.

Create one or more websites and recommend products or services that are of interest to your readers.

Good platforms where you can find many products for marketing are, for example, CopeCart or Digistore24.

9. Sell advertising on websites

If you have a website with a lot of visitors, external advertising partners will also contact you. Or you can actively approach other companies from your target group.

You can also make money through stocks. But beware: Not suitable for beginners, please read comprehensively about the topic beforehand.

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On platforms like Fotolia or Fotograf.de, you can upload and sell your own photos.

If you are well versed in a topic, you can process your knowledge into an online course and sell it to your target group.

In the area of e-sports, you can participate in tournaments and win attractive prize money if successful. Once you’ve achieved some notoriety, you can also get sponsored by other companies.

Through platforms such as Content.de or Textbroker, you can earn money online as a copywriter full-time or part-time. Of course, you can also search and find orders outside of these platforms.

You can use your knowledge of Facebook, Instagram and Co. for other companies and have it remunerated accordingly.

On platforms like Spreadshirt, you can design your own T-shirts and sell them through the online shop. Further information can be found in the following video:

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The streaming service Twitch is made possible by donations from your viewers.

Build up one or more e-mail list(s) and recommend your own or third-party products/services to the recipients.

Through online comparisons, you can find a better current account for yourself and receive a premium when switching.

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Write an e-book about a specific topic and post it on appropriate platforms or sell it through your website or social media channels.

You can also do surveys on the go and thus allow yourself a small additional income.

A general tip, but through knowledge of search engine optimization, you can earn money with customers or use your knowledge for your own web projects.

23. Setting up your own business

Through your own company in the online sector, you can sell products in a self-determined way and thus earn your money online.

Through ad portals, you can sell unused things and thus improve your household budget.

Programmers are actually always sought after and paid accordingly well.

Through online platforms like Airbnb, you can rent out your apartment or just a room.

You can also post ads or affiliate links on your private profile or business profile.

On many sites you can play online poker and, depending on your success, also participate in tournaments that promise high prize money.

The following report by follow me.reports shows what this can look like in practice:

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Through Etsy and other offerings, you can sell homemade products online.

No joke: As this article shows, you can build and sell houses for other players in the popular computer game “The Sims”.

Be creative! Look around in your immediate environment, where and how you can earn money or ask friends and acquaintances if these tips have for you.

Making money online is not always easy or serious.

The above tips are also not complete – take a look around your personal environment, maybe you can think of even more possibilities.

Please note that you have to pay tax on your income and at least register a trade license with your local trade office.

Here are more tips to help you make more money in general.

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