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Royal letters granting Henry Lowman and Mary his wife the office and place of governess and wardrobe keeper at Kensington Palace, for them and their longest liver: on an annual salary or allowance of 300

24 Hour Money Order Near Me

24 Hour Money Order Near Me

The Treasury warrants to the Auditor of Receipt, Clerk of the Pells and other Receipt officers in question, to ascertain payment to Thomas, Earl of Strafford, Farmer of Post Pines, of £2,276

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🇧🇷 for a year’s rent until 1714 29 Sept. was due to the crown on his said farm: the said sum was directly answered to the crown by the respective sheriffs.

: certificate from Francis Neale, Deputy Tube Clerk, of postal fines answered directly to the crown by the respective sheriffs.

Yup. Taylor for Mr. Walpole, treasurer of the forces. Treasury Lords ask you to apply for the following services 15,000

🇧🇷 that you are authorized to borrow from the Bank of England on a sufficient deposit of amounts and malt fee claims

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Against a month’s subsistence 1715 25 Sept. on the 24th of October to the various regiments, troops and companies of this establishment except the regiments of Carpenter and Kerr already directed to

The same with customs officials. I have read to my lordships your favorable report of last April 8th on the petition of Thomas Combs, one of the Tidemen Extraordinary in the Port of London, requesting the next vacancy of an established Tideman. You must submit it in a vacancy for the weatherman’s place on fees.

Reference from the Treasury to the same as the petition of the Members of the Isles of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark, showing that, upon request in respect of duties recently levied on goods from those Isles imported into Great Britain, the Lords of the Exchequer issued their order of 22 Aug. last,

24 Hour Money Order Near Me

🇧🇷 of these islands manufactures all that must be imported before the end of the next session of Parliament”; that the customs officers of the port of Southampton assert that the warrant covers only manufactures, and then refuse the customs guarantee of goods from the growth and production of these islands islands: therefore the Petitioners ask that (according to what was proposed and agreed upon by the Attorney-General and Commissioners of the Customs in their various reports of the 21st of April and the 25th of May, 1715) it may be ordered that such goods may be imported giving such security.

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The Treasury warrants the Auditor of Receipts to produce and transmit to the Lords of the Treasury one or more orders in ordinary form for the payment to Edward Noell and John Perry of the following several annuities (commonly called the Bankers’ Annuities) in the aggregate amount of 131

🇧🇷 dated December 26, 1705 forever in trust to himself and the rest of the creditors of Thomas Price and Samuel Price: the aforesaid Noell and Perry are assignees of a bankruptcy commission issued against Thomas Price and Samuel Price on July 7, 1710 , by which commission said that the annuities which follow were deemed to be the property of the aforesaid Thomas Price and Samuel Price. All subject to redemption according to law [2–3 Anne, c. 9] to better and more regularly pay and assign the 3 percent. Annuities payable to the various banks or other holders of patents or those claiming under them: all in accordance with the following certificate of the auditor of receipts, and with the annexed reports of Sir Edward Northey [Attorney-General] dated the 13th of April, 1714 and 3 August 1715.

: Treasury certificate dated May 10, 1711 from Lord Halifax, then Auditor of Receipts, now deceased. By my certificate of the 19th October 1705 to the late Lord Treasurer Godolphin (under the said Act 2-3 Anne, c. 9) concerning Sir Robert Viner’s assignees or claimants under him, I certify that Richard Graham and Philip Burton (assignees of Thomas Price, who claimed under the said Viner) were the owners by grant dated 26 October 1686 of the said price of an annuity of 13

.): and the said annuities were allotted to them [in the Treasury] by the direction of the late Lord Treasurer Rochester. “In the late Lord Treasurer’s warrant to issue the orders in accordance with the said certificate, the said annuities of 13

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By another certificate dated April 30, 1705 to the late Lord Treasurer of John Portman’s Contributions, issued in accordance with the said Act of Parliament, I certify that Richard Graham and Phil. Burton as assignees of Thomas Price (owners of Peter Hayles, who claimed under the said Portman), by grant of said price dated October 26, 1686, appeared as owners of an annuity of 2

🇧🇷 principal of 3 per cent), granted to them by direction of the Earl of Rochester, then Lord Treasurer. In the “writ of the late Lord Treasurer to receive orders in the said certificate, the said annuity of 2

Since the transmission of the said certificates, it appears from records in my office that December 30, 1685, a subpoena issued by the Treasury to the Sheriff of Middlesex reciting an inquisition held the day before in which it was discovered that the said Thomas Price had received by the Use of King by John Price, Esq., 10, 602

24 Hour Money Order Near Me

🇧🇷 and did not pay it [for the king’s use] and then 1686–7. On the 5th of January various estates of the said Thomas Price were extended and seized in the hands of the crown, but the said annuities of 13.

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By patent dated April 4, 1693 Wm. III. awarded Ralph Cooke of Grays Inn the said debt of 10,602

It is certified by Edmd. Cradock, Deputy for Orlando Bridgman, who on January 19, 1685-6, a Bankruptcy Commission was issued against the aforementioned Thomas Price and a Samuel Price addressed to Thomas Goodwin, John Ainger

., who, on examination, found that Thomas Price and Samuel Price had for two years pursued the trade of goldsmiths and bankers in Lombard Street, making a living by buying and selling, and the said Commissioners of Bankruptcy appointed to Thomas Fountaine, Chr [istopher ] Dering, John Perry and Edward Noell (to them and other creditors of the aforementioned Thomas and Samuel Price) the annual sum of 90

.) of Sir Robert Vyner is paid to the said Thomas Price from the inheritance tax; and by an order of the late Lord Treasurer dated September 7, 1709 (issued on my certificate of February 4, 1708-9), an order was made for 45

Warrant Books: September 1715, 21 24

On July 7, 1710, a new bankruptcy commission was issued against the aforementioned Thomas Price and Samuel Price, addressed to Richard Woollaston, Thomas Jones

🇧🇷 and by an assignment dated the 27th of July, 1710, the aforesaid commissioners [of bankruptcy] granted to Edward Noell and John Perry for themselves and others, creditors of the aforesaid Thomas and Samuel Price, the aforesaid annuities of 27

: (1) Statement by Sir Edward Northey, Solicitor General, dated April 13, 1714, on the petition of John Perry and Edward Noell, survivors of the Bankruptcy Commissioners as above. By the above assignment of the 27th of July, 1710, the Auditor of Receipts confirmed the title of the said petitioner in 1711 on the 10th of May to the Lords of the Treasury. I heard the plaintiffs, and they gave me an agreement dated the 15th of August, 1712, between Dr. James Ladds, executor of Thomas Burton, executor of the said Philip Burton (who survived, said Richard Graham on the one hand and said Edward Noell and John Perry on the second part), that the said contract recited that the assignments of Burton and Graham were made to guarantee the said debt of 10,602

24 Hour Money Order Near Me

, Vol. IX, p. 1232, whereby the estate of John Price was rescinded, and the said debt secured with the estate of the said Thomas Price, after which [by the said agreement] the said Dr. Ladds granted Noell and Perry the above three reduced annuities in trust for all creditors of “said prices”: as said contract is entered into in the Office of the Receipt Auditor.

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I am of opinion that there is a legal title from the petitioners to the said reduced annuities in trust to the creditors of “the said price; the said Burton and Graham (who were the first Trustees of the Crown to secure the said 10,602

John Glover, merchant, appeared before me pretending to title the said reduced annuities, and showed that Sir William Poole, Collector of the Port of Bristol, and Arnold Brown and Benjamin Poole, their titles at 11,000

🇧🇷 due in the collection of Sir William Poole, due to Wm. III. granted to Thomas Wilkins by private seal dated April 30, 1695, and by deed dated May 14, 1695, the said Wilkins stated that the said grant was in name only of the said John Glover; and then a measure issued against Arnold Browne in the said title to discover his debt and by inquisition taken April 30, 1702, Samuel Price and Thomas Price were found to be indebted to the said Browne in his dated title

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