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20 Motivational Talks That Will Change Your Life!

Motivational talks there are many, but if you look in depth… There are motivational talks that make a difference! Everyone, and when I say everyone is everyone, we need motivation at some points in our lives… Right? πŸ™‚

Therefore, I have decided to gather in one place the best motivational talks, from which I consider to be useful for all areas of our life as some more specific. I have gathered the best motivation talks for workers, motivation talks for entrepreneurs, motivation talks for students and teachers and motivation talks for athletes… Almost nothing!

To open mouth, here is an excerpt from a motivational talk:

“How many people who have been successful in life have been realistic? The person who decided he was going to put a giant metal ship in the water and transport people wasn’t being realistic, the person who invented the internet, an invisible means of communication that connects all the people in the world wasn’t being realistic… Someone very wise once said that success was 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

A little idea of what you can find in some of these motivational talks. But it’s not just nice words that you’re going to find, you have many other reasons to see these motivational talks.Because they help us to reflectBecause we can feel identifiedBecause they make us take better the bad timesBecause they make us relativize our problemsBecause, of course, they motivate us

All the motivational talks that I have collected will be useful to you, I have tried to categorize them into motivational talks for life, motivational talks for workers, motivational talks for entrepreneurs, motivational talks for students and motivational talks for athletes. However, the fact that they are categorized does not mean that they cannot be extrapolated to other areas of life.

Many of them are motivation talks that will make you reflect, there will be motivation talks that will help you rethink your personal or work situation and others, in a humorous key will make you laugh while you realize that your problems in many cases are not problems, if not OPPORTUNITIES πŸ˜‰

The Happiness Department team loves it when a company asks us to organize an event with motivational talks, They are a success!2 Motivational talks for life JesΓΊs Calleja – Conferences to the limit – Duration: 1 hour

A motivational talk by the famous JesΓΊs Calleja, very close, where from his personal experience in the mountains and in extreme situations, he gives us his personal vision about life. Bet on humor, being willing to change the world, adapt to the environment, have empathy and simply be happy. A 1-hour motivational talk that will be short!

Nick Vujicic – Listen to Your Heart – Duration: 35 minutes

Spectacular vision of a person who lost his limbs, arms and legs, without losing his smile listening to his heart. An example of life, which will make you reflect and relativize your problems. He has built auditoriums and stadiums wherever he goes… A motivational talk that you will recommend to your friends!

5 Motivational Talks for WorkersTonny Robbins – Why Do We Do What We Do? – Duration: 21 minutes

Tonny Robbins, in this talk of motivation for workers, gives his personal vision of the reason for our actions and optimism as a flag to achieve our goals. A motivational talk to not abandon our goals!

Bill Gates – Innovating towards zero – Duration: 18 minutes

A worker must have innovation always in mind, and Bill Gates knows this better than anyone. In the motivation talk for workers of this great figure, we learn to improve the world with our ideas.

Daniel Pink – Reward and Punishment: The Motivation Puzzle – Duration: 18 minutes

A specialist in business, information and employment, Daniel Pink tells us, in one of his motivational talks, how the traditional system of reward and punishment harms the creativity and performance of employees. What motivates us, in the end, is not just money and possessions. One of those motivational talks to reflect.

Isabel Allende – Stories of passion – Duration: 18 minutes

A special motivational talk for women entrepreneurs who believe in what they do. In this talk, Isabel talks about feeling passion for what we do on a personal and professional level. An interesting motivational talk for workers!

Stephen Hawking – Questioning the Universe – Duration: 10 minutes

The famous intellectual, the greatest exponent of self-improvement, tells us about his theories about the universe. Following their argument, you will be able to reflect on your role in life and in your work. A motivational talk of authentic reflection!

4 Motivational Talks for EntrepreneursTim Harford – Trial, Error and the God Complex – Duration: 18 minutes

Trying, risking and making mistakes is what Tim Hartford proposes in this motivation talk for entrepreneurs. We must leave it to God’s complex that tells us that we have a solution for everything. Amazing motivational talk for entrepreneurs with the example of a doctor!

Jason Fried – Why don’t you work at work? – Duration: 17 minutes

Open offices, creativity, and talent exploitation? Fewer meetings, emails and calls. This is Jason Fried’s vision… I’m sure you share many of the things Tim proposes in this motivational talk!

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Shawn Achor – The Happy Secret to Working Better – Duration: 12 minutes

Using a humorous tone and very funny examples, Jason makes us understand that we must live life by our own standards and let go of what we have always been told is best for us. We must eagerly embrace our own way of life… Do you agree with what Jason explains in one of his motivational talks for entrepreneurs?

Gary Vaynerchuck – Building Personal Brand – Duration: 15 minutes

Gary proposes in this talk to find what we really want to do in our lives and fight to achieve it. It doesn’t consider life to work every day on something you hate. An extraordinary and inspiring motivational talk for entrepreneurs !

6 Motivational talks for students and teachersLuzu – The path to success – Duration: 5 minutes


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