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20 Motivational reflections. Phrases that motivate.

I can assure you that every day you hear, once or read motivational phrases … on social media, on television, everywhere… And you probably feel like they’re no longer having an effect on you.

From so much frustration you feel, you think they are just empty words… it shouldn’t be like that… I understand that the best motivational phrases were created by rich men (what can they suffer), because as my father says, the story is created by the one who has enough resources and the necessary influences to capture what he wants.

However, it doesn’t matter your social class or your economic level… we all have emotional conflicts, we all at some point feel that the world is on our back and all we need is for someone to help us out of that despair.

There are those who, with the simple fact of reading sentences or reflections, are inspired, motivated and continue to fight, but there are also those who need help from someone else and when it is so, it is extremely important to go to a psychologist or therapist.

I hope these phrases help you and that you understand that ‘words have power… what you repeat a lot, that’s what you become.’

1.- A snowflake never falls in the wrong place.

Each of us is assigned a space in time and moment, nothing is a matter of caseuality, everything has a reason for being … everything happens for something and for something.

If you at this moment are going through a situation that causes you a lot of pain, surely there is a lesson within that pain, something you have to learn, do not ignore the suffering, analyze what is causing it, what were the facts that toldevaron to live that consequence for which you are going through.

Do not ignore everything that is happening to you, the work you currently have a purpose, the people you socialize with, the streets where you walk, the space where you are. Try to observe and make sense of all around, without forgetting to look at the horizon.

2.- If you really want to do something… search and find a way to achieve it.

You have to learn to turn your desires into facts and your dreams into reality. When you really want to do something, you look and find the possible ways to do it, but when in reality that does not matter to you, you do not make the slightest effort to achieve it, you put your best excuses and obstacles not to do it.

If you have a list of objectives… fulfill it. Remember that more than 5 objectives in the same list, you will surely not do any. So try to set a maximum of 5 objectives for a period of time. If you still don’t know exactly how to create goals that are effective, you can read my guide << How to write SMART goals easily and quickly.

3.- When someone is not interested in doing something, they always find a good excuse.

It is very common to say a thousand excuses when we have not achieved something, but are we actually working for that something?

When a person does not mind getting results on a project, an activity at work or school, a personal goal, he simply does not do something for it and if he does, the result is not so satisfactory.

4.- A tiger does not have to proclaim its fierceness.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at doing something, how smart you are, or how indispensable you are to a company. You don’t have to strut around and tell everyone how awesome you are… people can observe it and realize the value you have. When you are really strong and competent, you are not proclaiming yourself, remember that only the weak and insecure is seeking approval of everything you do.

5.- If a business overwhelms you at the beginning, start it at the end.

Sometimes the circumstances force you to be or create a business that you do not like , so why do you start it? The only thing you will get will be a waste of time and money.

6.- If you don’t know where to go… all roads work.

We are all supposed to have a life plan, but it is assumed, because I can be sure that not everyone has the discipline to create one, for different reasons, either because they do not know how to do it or because they do not have a vision to pursue … when all the opportunities that arise in your life are like this, you can consider them, some of them will surely mark your way. (It is not something that I like to apply in my life, however there are people who live like this)

7.- Sometimes we impede, sometimes we plan. But we are always acting.

We are beings who are in constant motion… constantly changing.

Every day we make decisions about things that are presented, some were already planned, others simply arrive without warning.

Every day we have to wake up and start one more experience.

Every day we have two options, make the most of the day or waste it and give it for granted.

Every day we have the opportunity to learn and grow.

8.- No matter how many times you fall, get up, shake yourself and go on.

All people at some point have been defeated, have been defeated, betrayed, disappointed… We are all exposed, but very few have the strength to learn from their lesson, raise their faces and get on with their lives.

Remember that as long as you have life, you have to keep fighting, learning, living and enjoying. Transform that pain into wisdom.

9.- Ideas become valuable when they work outside of your mind.

It doesn’t matter how many ideas you have in your mind… until you manage to capture them in real life and they are functional for someone else, until then your ideas become valuable. So it’s time to act more and say less.

10.- You cannot choose how and when you are going to die. You can only decide how you are going to live. Joan Baez

No one has a copy of your contract, no one has the exact date or place of your death. No one knows how long he will live. No matter how long it lasts, teach your mind to think, feed your wisdom, do something new on a daily basis, break the routine, leave your mark wherever you go. Meet goals, set more goals. He loves his neighbor intensely… love yourself.

11.- Birds sing not because they have answers, but because they have songs. Chinese Proverb

Avoid giving your opinion, when you do not know a topic. Do not be ashamed to stay silent or say that you do not know about it, although sometimes it is preferable to just listen and then investigate, it does not hurt anyone to learn something new.

12.- A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a simple step. Lao-Tzu

Every great project begins with a first step and for this to happen it takes will and tenacity. If you want to start something big in your life, you have to understand that maybe it’s easy, but not impossible either.

13.- The rain can wet the leopard’s spots, but it will not remove them.

They can take away everything you have, but not everything you want… While it is true that the circumstances of life modify you, form you, but still in the depths of you, you still preserve your essence, what really characterizes you, who you really are.

14.- Even if you go out to hunt large fish, do not despise the caracol.

When you go after big opportunities, try not to underestimate the small opportunities that arise. Remember that everything counts.

 15.- People only throw stones at a tree when they have fruits.

Unfortunately, you’re always going to meet envious people, people who are going to want to be like you, who are going to want to take everything you have from you. People who will try to get you into trouble, make you feel bad or humiliate you. And all you have to do is ignore the actions and words of those people, but at the same time take care of yourself a lot, of people like that everything bad can be expected. Remember… people only throw stones at a tree when it has fruits.

16.- If you do not cover the holes in the ceiling… you will have to rebuild the walls.

Try to solve problems at the right time and time, do not leave things for later, because a small conflict can become something bigger and more tedious. So always remember… fix before it’s too late.

17.- Don’t do what others do. Do what others would like to do and they dare not.

If someone has set up a burger business and is succeeding… it is not a sign that you tupote another and you will have the same result … (for me that’s envy), even if you tell me the sun rises for everyone. Try to do things differently, use creativity, innovate existing businesses, that does not give you the certainty of success, but it does reflect a different idea.


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