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17 Tips to Stay Motivated

There are days, or times of some days, in which, for whatever reason, we are not especially motivated to face our tasks. Sometimes the problem is the same work to do: we don’t like it, it’s complicated or we don’t feel like doing it. Other times, it’s about ourselves. We don’t always have the same mood.

Personally, summer is the time of year when I have the hardest time getting to work. I have to admit that my performance is not what is said to be optimal. The long summer days, the heat, the holiday atmosphere of the place where I live (a small town on the coast that develops all its activity in the summer months), the big sporting events (I like sport very much, and this year it is the turn of the football World Cup), and the multitude of interesting events of all kinds,they make it hard for me to stay all day working, sitting in front of my computer.

If it happens to you like me, here is a list of tips that can help you recover that lost motivation, depending on the circumstances:Divide the work into tasks as small and concrete as possible. A very small task with a very clear description allows you to easily visualize the ending and is the best antidote to procrastination. A large, complex project can be overwhelming. By dividing it into minuscule tasks you get to see clearly the path and the resistance to face it decreases.If you have little energy or little desire, focus on simple and quick tasks. Closing pending things, even if they are unimportant, will give you energy and strength to attack other major targets.If you find yourself overwhelmed by the large number of tasks to perform, simply choose something and get started. You will see that the resistance to work disappears within a few minutes of starting, once the first step is taken. Fear disappears when we face it.Take your time. Sometimes we trust that we can do a task in much less time than is really necessary. When that time passes and we are not finished, frustration and discouragement appear. Unforeseen events may appear, or you may simply not be one hundred percent and have to slow down. It’s okay. Be realistic in your planning and adapt if the situation changes.Treat yourself to prizes often. When you finish any task or achieve a good breakthrough in a great project, do something that you want, that relaxes you and that does not involve any effort. Relax in a café or on the beach, take a walk, a good read… look for your own incentives.If your options are not too attractive, observe the situation from a higher altitude. There are tasks that we do not feel like doing too much, but they obey greater objectives. Think about it, think about where you’re headed, and you’ll find the motivation to make those actions less enjoyable.Keep track of what you do. Recording your working hours or the activity you do can motivate you to do things. Technology can make your job easier, but using tools that you really like can even motivate you to work.Check your progress on each of your projects. Try to make some kind of graph that allows you to evaluate how you are doing things. In addition to obtaining very valuable information, graphs will motivate you to continue advancing in your goals.Visualize the objective achieved. Think that you have finished that task that resists you so much and the benefits it brings you. Always keep the end in mind.Or, contrary to the above, think about what you lose if you don’t complete that job. There are studies that show that many people work harder not to lose € 10 than to earn € 10. What motivates you the most?For big goals, seek support in online communities. Join groups on the web that share your same interests. Enter their forums, read articles and comments, contribute your opinion. You will get constant motivation.Look for an accomplice. It’s hard to motivate yourself. If you find an adventure partner with whom you can share one of your goals (your partner, a friend, a colleague at work…) you can support each other.Faced with a great challenge, make it public. Talk about it with your family, with your friends, publish it on your social networks, on your blog… Choose a date to achieve that goal and make it public as well. You will generate total commitment and extraordinary motivation.Make it fun. Sometimes a routine task can turn into something interesting if you are able to do it in a different way. Listen to music while you work. Maybe changing one workplace for another can achieve that push you need. Unleash your creativity.Exercise. Physical exercise causes the body to release endorphins, chemicals that have the quality of producing a great sense of well-being.Eat well and stay hydrated. On many occasions, the lack of desire to do things is simply due to the fact that your body misses certain types of food. It happens to me with sugar, sometimes, and with caffeine, more often. On hot days, it is very important to drink water often to maintain activity without decaying.If all of the above fails, then you may be in a delicate moment. Take a bigger break, a few days off, and disconnect from everything. You need to relax and recharge your batteries. Don’t think about what you stop doing at that time. When you return, you will more than make up for lost time.


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