14 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog (Which Also Work)

When I tell someone that I’m a full-time blogger, in 90% of all cases the question comes up: “And you can make money with it?”

And I confess that this question still amazes me (at least at first). Because it is now a matter of course for me that this is possible:

Being a “blogger” or “influencer” has evolved over the past decade from a hobby to a serious profession and business model. It is not for nothing that there are more and more bloggers who can earn a side income with their blog or even make a complete living from it.

Below, I’ll show you 14 ways you can make money from blogging. With tips, examples and their advantages and disadvantages:1. Google AdSense

Effort: low

Prerequisites: reputable and finished website

One of the easiest ways to make money from your blog is through Google AdSense.

You include a snippet of code on your blog (e.g. a widget in the sidebar). At this point, an advertisement will be placed. When a visitor clicks on one of the ads, you get money (usually between €0.10 and €0.80 per click, in some cases more).

Google provides over a dozen different ad sizes (including ads that adapt to screen size), so there should be the right size for every blog.

We ourselves currently earn only a few hundred euros with it. But I know some bloggers who even earn four-digit amounts a month with it. However, this usually requires a very high number of page views (at least 200,000, if not more) and a large number of advertisements on the blog.Easy to integrateResponsive ads for mobile devicesAds automatically adapt to your readers’ interestsMonthly payment of incomeComprehensive statistics to optimize user actionDisadvantagesIn order for something to get around, you usually need high visitor numbersWorsens charging timeOften blocked by adblockers and increasingly ignored by readersMust be mentioned in the privacy policy and requires display of a cookie notice

Effort: low – medium

Prerequisites: often higher visitor numbers

As an alternative to Google AdSense, you can also sell advertising banner places on your blog yourself (so-called “direct marketing”). If you’ve found a permanent advertising partner, it can be more bearable than Google AdSense or other display networks.

Billing can be done in various ways, such as per click, per call or for a monthly or annual fixed amount.

The fact that this can work very well is shown, for example, by the TagSeoBlog by Martin Missfeldt, who earns about 600 € a month with advertising banner rental. AdvantagesSometimes higher revenues than with Google AdSense possibleUsually not recognized by adblockersDoes not have to be mentioned in the privacy policy and does not require the display of a cookie noticeLittle impact on loading time (for image-only displays)DisadvantagesYou have to find a suitable advertising partner yourselfIs not so well tailored to the interest of your visitorsClassic banner advertising is increasingly ignored by visitors3. Marketers

Effort: low

Prerequisites: high visitor numbers

If you don’t want to take care of marketing your banner places yourself, you can also hire a marketer to look for suitable customers for you.

Of course, the marketer wants to have a part of the cake for this, but it can still be worthwhile for you. First, the marketer usually has a lot of experience in customer acquisition, negotiating prices, and an existing customer base.

In addition to banner spaces, many marketers also mediate sponsored posts, so they can also take care of your work in the area. AdvantagesSometimes higher revenues than with Google AdSense or direct marketing possibleAlso often mediate sponsored postsYou have more time for your blogDisadvantagesThe marketer wants a piece of the pieContracts are often exclusive, which means that you are completely bound to the marketer and the customers mediated by him in terms of advertising4. Affiliate Programs

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