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Corona and the year 2020 has put many people in difficult financial and/or psychological situations. In my private life, for example, I have self-employed people who can no longer do their job, employees who have lost their jobs, or people who are affected by short-time work and have a lot of time for less money.For these people, I went in search of ways to “make money online”. The options here are far-reaching, from incidental (e.g. during short-time work), to temporary to possible self-employment.

Here I show a few options that you can use to aufzubessern.Content.de your finances

Earn money by writing. Depending on the quality you deliver, you will receive different remuneration for your performance.You can’t write and want to learn it? This possibility is also offered here. Further information can be found on the website under point 10.

In addition, you will also find a “earnings calculator” on the site and can use it to play a little and motivate yourself.Write your own book

One step further is to write and sell your own book (or books).If you are interested in the topic, I have linked you a page where you can find more information about it.Clickworker

Is a platform where various works are awarded with which you can earn money on a fee basis. People per hour

Here you can offer various services as a freelancer and be found.Freelancer Austria

This is the Austrian version of People per hour. Here you can offer your services and the site acts as a marketplace.

The offer of 99 Design works similarly, but here the offer is aimed at the graphic artists and designers among you.Fiverr

Fiverr is now probably the best-known platform. Similar to the previous models, Fiverr also acts as a freelancer marketplace. Unlike the others, Fiverr is globally active and available in several languages. I have already gained experience here myself, but as a customer and not as a service provider.I myself have been satisfied with it and have also heard mostly positive feedback.Maid service – Cleaner – Gardener – Nachhiilfe – BabysittenWillhaben and Ebay

On sales portals such as Ebay and Willhaben you can part with old things and make some profit from them, or also offer your services, e.g. as a moving helper. Earn money through online surveys

I highly recommend this option. It doesn’t cost much time and earns you a few € a month. It’s not the world, but from experience I can say that you can polish up your household money with a 3-digit amount a year.

With some providers you are only paid in the form of vouchers (H&M, Zalando, Cineplexx, Mediamarkt etc.) (I use these, for example, to buy books on Amazon), with others there is also the possibility to be able to withdraw to a bank account.

The providers:Decision-maker club – vouchers and cash as remuneration Gallup – Vouchers and cash as compensationMobrog – Vouchers and cash as remunerationOpinion study – only vouchers as remunerationMarketagent – Vouchers and cash as remunerationOpinion world – vouchers and cash as remunerationSelling

Instead of throwing things away, you can try to resell them. You can do this with Wiederverkaufen.at and refresh your cash register a bit. Become an influencer/streamer on Twitch or Youtube

Last but not least, you can become an influencer, streamer on Twitch or Youtube. If you have a certain ability and are not afraid to show yourself, then maybe this is something for you.

In addition, there are other ways to make money online. You could write a blog like me. However, I can tell you that this is a lot of work and it takes a long time to earn money with it.

But since my aim has always been to help people, this is no problem for me and my payment is the positive feedback and thanks I get from you. I would like to say thank you for that!

I hope that there was an opportunity for you to “earn money online” and that I could help you.

Here I have two more posts for you:

I wish you all the best and if you do any of the activities in the future, let me and the community know and share your experience with us.

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