1001 Ways To Recognize Employees


1001 Ways To Recognize Employees – One of the top priorities for leaders is employee engagement. Over the years, I’ve seen countless books and managers looking at every possible method to increase engagement.

Bob Nelson says it’s time to go beyond measuring. “Now is the time to focus on the behaviors that truly impact employee engagement, not just the scores that measure it.”

1001 Ways To Recognize Employees

1001 Ways To Recognize Employees

In his book, 1,001 Ways to Engage Employees: Help People Do Better What They Do Best, Dr. Bob Nelson’s Strategies for Increasing Engagement. I recently talked about his new book.

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“If you have a good boss, you have a good job.” This is true all over the world.” -Dr. Bob Nelson Tweet this share on Facebook

Perhaps the biggest surprise to me is that great motivators for today’s workforce don’t require huge budgets to implement, but are relatively simple, behavioral things that any manager can do with their immediate team. Thanking employees for a job well done, asking for their input and ideas, giving them autonomy and authority to do their job, participating in decisions that affect them, two-way communication and using mistakes as learning opportunities to improve. Main distributions.

The book is still new, but readers will generally love the real-life examples and witty, entertaining quotes – both of which support the topics covered. A reader who hears a good example will immediately ask, “Why couldn’t we do that in our work group? In this way, the book becomes a catalyst for change: trying something new can bring you better results. That’s my ultimate goal: to help people manage their people better, so they feel more appreciated in what they do and achieve more success as a result.

And who can be most useful when an organization needs to bounce back from a bad shock?

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Communication is important in working with others and you need to do more during difficult times and times of change. However, the tendency of managers is to withdraw during difficult times, so you have to fight that tendency and force yourself to talk to employees, answer questions, and help them work better. Likewise for employee recognition. Many managers have an unspoken assumption that they expect employees to always do a good job, so they don’t have to thank them when they do. Conversely, you must proactively engage people to engage in good work. No one likes to work for a manager who only finds out their faults and mistakes.

For most managers, “engagement” evokes a vague and vague concept of employee happiness that cannot be operationalized by management. This is contrary to the evidence. A specific behavior of an organization’s management motivates employees to participate more in benefits that include higher performance, better retention, and greater ability to attract talent. This special behavior is explained

“It’s best for a team to hold each other accountable. -Dr. Bob Nelson Tweet Share on Facebook

1001 Ways To Recognize Employees

An effective organization has a critical mass of leaders who systematically engage in behaviors that increase employee engagement on a daily and ongoing basis.

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It starts with a simple “thank you” when an employee does a great job. This can be done in person, in writing, electronically or publicly – ideally all methods should be used. Other important, inexpensive ways to recognize employees include two-way communication, asking employees for their ideas and input, allowing them to pursue ideas they have, involving them in decisions (especially those that affect them and their work), independence and flexibility, and—when they make mistakes—giving them Support and focus on what they have learned rather than blaming, mocking and shaming.

“Recognition — thanking or praising employees for a job well done — is the No. 1 driver of employee engagement, representing 56% of employee perceptions of the topic. —Dr. Bob Nelson Tweet this share on Facebook

A great manager does the above, focusing on long-term relationships with employees in a way that truly treats them as partners. When in doubt, think about the best manager you’ve had in your career and contrast it with the worst manager you’ve had. Do more like the former and less like the latter and you’ll be on the right track!

“Positive consequences change the desired behavior more than anything else.” -Dr. Bob Nelson Tweet this share on Facebook

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If a manager finds that an employee is correct and dysfunctional, what steps can he take to turn that person around?

Communicate with the person about your perception of the person’s behavior and the problems the behavior may cause you, the department, or the company. Get their support in changing their behavior to improve the situation. Ask what you can do to help the person make these changes. Then find the person something positive and thank them for it. Positive consequences change desired behavior above all else.

” “You can and should shape your own future. Because if you don’t, someone else surely will.” -Joel Barker Tweet this share on Facebook

1001 Ways To Recognize Employees

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