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Discover your Super98 gasoline and give life a caneMotivational factors

Hi I’m Juan, psychologist and in this article I tell you what are the motivational factors that influence our behavior.

In addition, I provide examples and personal experiences with the intention of creating content with more value. And that ultimately it helps you even if it is 1%. Go!!. General motivational factors

From psychology, in a general way 2 types of motivation factors are identified.Intrinsic (internal) motivational factorsExtrinsic (external) motivational factors

☛ “The main determinants of motivation can be brought together into two large groups: internal and external determinants.” ➀ Intrinsic Motivational Factors (the top)

I leave you in a box the official determinants and I tell you the essence of internal motivation from my point of view for your day to day. Go!!

The internal determinants that originate within the organism are:Heredity

Heredity is the main internal determinant of motivation. It refers to the various genetic factors that directly or indirectly influence motivation and behavior. Homeostasis

Homeostasis is a determinant that concerns the activation or activation threshold of motivation. It refers to the assumption that there is an optimal level of activation, called homeostatic equilibrium. Potential growth

The determinant of growth refers to the idea that the human being is motivated to reach his full potential in all its aspects. Cognitive processes

Cognitive processes contribute to motivate us, in this way, making use of our thinking, it affects our motivation and behavior. Personal opinion of internal motivation

Texts and books can say Mass, what is 100% certain in this life?, that time is running out… that’s the only thing 100% certain.

So do not believe everything that a book or a person with a certain authority in the matter says. The earth was flat…

Don’t label yourself, remember that the only absolute truth is that time is running out.

Of the 4 determinants of internal motivation, I stay with the last one. “Cognitive processes”.

Because it is the motivational determinant that we can best manage by ourselves. Influencing our motivation or mood.

Cognitive processes refer to thoughts and how they are managed. Isn’t it true that if you think of something that makes you happy, it can help you feel happier? Cognition, or your thinking, directly influences your mood or emotional state.

In this sense, if we do a good management of our thoughts, it will be easier to influence our own motivation and feel better.

You may ask yourself… what do I like about that person?, what excites you?, what good things does this moment or these views have?.

By consciously throwing questions, we inevitably get answers from both our selective attention and possible unconscious answers. That emotional cognition* that comes back to your thinking, in the form of a response, may be your best fuel. Emotional cognition

☛ Emotional cognition is thoughts that in turn are related to emotional information. For example, if we think about our relatives, surely that thought will be “loaded” with emotional or emotional information.

☛ More information: our memories and experiences are presented in our brain as neural connections. Many of these connections are stronger and therefore easier to activate and remember.

The strength of connections is influenced by aspects such as emotional charge and myelination.

☀ You can learn to manage your thoughts by following the steps of books like “mindfulness” or “the secret.”

☀ Similarly, I tell you my personal experience about the “Silva Method” and how this method can help you manage your thoughts among other things.

☀ Remember that people have multiple ways to motivate themselves. From thinking nice things, to playing music, singing, drinking coffee, doing all this at once, and a long etc.➁ Extrinsic motivational factors (the external ones)

I leave you in a box the official external motivational determinants, and a personal opinion about the external motivation in our day to day. Learning

Observational learning (we learn by watching others act, parents, friends etc.) intervenes in the origin of motivational states. Hedonism

Hedonism refers to pain and pleasure as potent determinants of behavior that produces motivation. Social interaction

Social situations have an incredible influence on behavior, because the presence of people modifies motivation.

And now that we know the theory what do we do?

In my opinion, external motivation is determined by everything we can achieve. From getting money to feeling good about ourselves. (I explain it in the conclusions).

This type of motivation is more complete or subjective, because each person will give a different value to each thing or objective. Depending on the value that a person places on a certain thing, their level of external motivation will be higher or lower.

In this sense, it should be noted that although something external can motivate us a lot, we must first get internal motivation to be able to take advantage of external motivation.

✍ Example: Getting a house X. But the effort involved in achieving it is often not able to carry it out.

One of the causes is lack of sufficient willpower or internal motivation capable of withstanding the task necessary to get the house. Conclusion: Motivational factors

The difference I think can be seen with the following metaphor:The car is yourInternal motivation is gasolineExternal motivation is all the possibilities that our environment puts at our disposal

External motivation is more long-term (week, month, years). It consists of doing “x” to get “y”. On the other hand, internal motivation is momentary, you are more or less motivated at any given time.

Getting internal motivation helps to be motivated to achieve our goals which in turn, these also motivate us externally.

We tell you about the motivational process to help you understand motivation more thoroughly.

I invite you to share this page in your social networks and thus help more people. I would appreciate it if you left a comment with ☛ your opinion or doubt ☚ that may arise.

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