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▷What is self-motivation? Complete guide

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Knowing what self-motivation is is the first step you must take in order to reach your goals. Have you set out to have your own venture? Do you want to finish the career you are studying? Or do you want to fulfill a dream that, at first glance, seems far out of reach? A key factor in both situations is self-motivation.

Therefore, in this article we will explain what self-motivation is and why it is important for your daily life. In addition, you will know the elements and techniques for self-motivation, inspirational phrases for you to write in every corner of your home as a reminder and how you can improve positivity for your personal or professional growth.

Get ready to discover the meaning of self-motivation and observe life from a positive plane. Concept of self-motivation

Self-motivation is the ability for a person to motivate himself in pursuit of a goal or objective that he has set out to achieve. In addition, the particularity of this concept lies in the fact that both the sender and the receiver of that motivation are the same individual.

Self-motivation is a key part of emotional intelligence. Let’s say that it is vital for anyone who wants to propose new challenges and overcome themselves day after day.

Have you ever thought of a dream that you really wanted to be fulfilled and finally achieved it? There will be more or less achievable dreams, depending on the context, socioeconomic status and other factors to take into account. But, they are still dreams, therefore, from one day to the next they cannot be achieved.

Making that dream come true is hard work, which requires perseverance and planning, and that involves knowing what self-motivation is so as not to lose hope and continue looking for the right direction that will lead you to the fulfillment of that goal. That’s what self-motivation is for.

In addition, self-motivation will stimulate your creative thinking and allow you to observe life from different angles. As Explained by Clarisa María Ponte Betancourt, teacher of the online course of Self-motivation and motivation to achieve, “every goal needs a fuel: motivation. But we don’t always have it, nor can we wait for it to magically appear.”

Have you stopped to think about how emotional intelligence is linked to self-motivation? Daniel Goleman is considered the “father” of emotional intelligence, who has described and explained the five main aspects in his book “Emotional Intelligence”: self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, skill and, of course, motivation.

Goleman ranks motivation in third place among the components of emotional intelligence. Having emotional intelligence involves motivating yourself to face life’s setbacks in a more positive way. And in The words of Goleman, “we all have our own capacity to motivate ourselves.”

If you are tired, if the routine weighs you down or you get too bored, then you are possibly experiencing the lack of motivation. To do this, it is necessary to follow some self-motivation techniques to respond sensibly to any situation.

Believe it or not, emotional intelligence at work or in personal life is essential to face challenges without stressing or panicking. Of course, not all of us face a challenge or situation in the same way, so it is vital to identify what kind of intelligence you have.

How to develop self-motivation?

Have you run out of motivation at work? Are you undertaking and things are not working as expected? Let’s see what are the key components of self-motivation, techniques and aspirational phrases that you can apply today to elevate your personal self-motivation. Components of self-motivation

There are internal and external factors that influence your motivation and the area where the activities are carried out. Let’s look at some components of self-motivation:1. Recognition

Generally, recognition can be expected from a boss or representative of the company in which you work. And yes, it is very important that this factor of self-motivation is promoted, since a company that has motivated personnel, implies achievements in its objectives. Work well-being can enhance commitment within the team.

But what about self-recognition? Have you ever slowed down the routine and started thinking about all those goals that you saw as unattainable or full of obstacles and yet you have achieved them? Look at everything you’ve done, look at everything you’ve been through. Congratulate yourself!2. Active learning

Knowledge takes no place and is one of the essential elements for self-motivation. Learning something new every day will allow you to be more empathetic, have greater openness to the diversity of cultures and connect with the world in a more efficient way.

Think about this: what would you like to learn again today? It should not necessarily be a course of more than 3 months in length, reading an article on the Internet on a topic that has piqued your curiosity is also training and active learning.3. Active listening

Do you have time in your routine where you just listen to yourself? You could discover many things if you know what self-motivation is and how to understand your thoughts or emotions, such as possibly starting a new career or starting a new personal project. Slow down the routine and listen to yourself.

Source: PexelsSelf-motivation techniques

Do you want to know examples of motivation to start applying them today? Well done! Learning new emotion management skills is not an easy task, but it is only a matter of practice. Here are some motivational techniques:1. Lose the fear of failure

Are you afraid of making mistakes? Are you about to make a decision that you do not know if it is the right one or the right one? Taking risks is part of our life, don’t raise the whip the first time you make a mistake.

Learning from mistakes is healthy and is part of learning what self-motivation is. Thanks to them you will learn new ways and ways of doing things.2. Determine what your goals are

Not knowing the direction of your actions, sometimes, generates demotivation Why not sit down and plan what your goals are for this year and for the next? Why don’t you look for alternatives to each one to be able to concretize them and find your best way?3. Change the way we see life

Generally, the lack of motivation has to do with the search to please those around us and not think about yourself, what you want for your life and the stage you are going through.

Change the way you face and observe life so that you can understand what self-motivation is and how to apply it on a day-to-day basis. What do you want? What are you looking for?4. Dare to change

Change makes you move from where you are, it drives you to look for new paths and face challenges. Maybe that’s what you’re needing: changes.

Of course, the unknown generates uncertainty but come on, isn’t it motivating to set yourself a new challenge? Encouraging change is an excellent self-motivation technique.5. Look for new sources of personal satisfaction

Did you know that one of the causes of lack or loss of motivation lies in not having space for oneself? Does your mind live at work and you have no activities to clear yourself of it?

This self-motivation technique will allow you to rest your mind thanks to these activities:

Do yoga or do meditation.

Read books at least half an hour per day.

Watch movies or series on TV.

Get together with friends or family.

Listen to music and dance.

Spend time with your pet.6. Discover exciting people

Have you ever heard a successful person speak? You will see how it transmits an unparalleled energy, because it will infect you and you will see how self-motivation appears in you and you say “I can do it too”.

Look for references in your work sector or the new projects you want to face in your personal life. Listen to them, learn from them, their mistakes and their successes, as well as what their self-motivation techniques are.

You can also choose a mentor to accompany you in the processes of training and personal rediscovery. Learn about mentoring, what it is, and how it helps.7. Reward yourself


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