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▷▷【What is Motivation and Why Is It Important in Our Life?】

Do you remember that desire to do what you love so much? Well today we come to talk about precisely that, motivation and why it is important in our passage through this world.

Motivation is a topic that encompasses many elements and aspects, because not everyone feels it and / or experiences it in the same way and if we start writing everything it encompasses we would lack sheets to finish everything we think, but let’s see what it is. Characteristics of Motivation. It’s in Constant Motion

Motivation is a feeling that is in constant movement, that is, it has a dynamism that can be appreciated by the behavior of the person, who sometimes feels happy and full of energy to do what he longs for and others show the opposite, he lacks that “push” to decide to do it.b. It has different presentations

Each motivation is unique, that is, it is presented individually in different ways because everyone has something specific that motivates them or leads them to perform an action. Motivation is important to overcome life’s adversities

In this aspect it is important to emphasize that each person -according to their energy- has a faster motivation or with immediate effects above others.c. Heading towards a Resounding End

Motivation makes people have a behavior aimed at fulfilling a specific fact, to achieve those goals without persisting until they are realized. Motivation Why is it important? Responding to Your Concern

Analyzing it from the psychological point of view, motivation is like the engine of a car, the minimum impulse to meet the objectives we have set, whatever it may be, in such a way it is a feeling that will guide our path many times and define our future.

That is, human beings are physically and spiritually active thanks to motivation, which sets us in motion to execute what we have set for ourselves and then see the results.

Experts say that during the execution of our goals, we apply 70% to motivation and the other 30% to practice, surprisingly, right?

Our intention is to make you understand the effects that motivation has on human beings and therefore give you the tips to keep it elevated and observe how emotionally you will be prepared for any eventuality that life presents you. Recommendations1. Do not doubt your decisions

Perhaps the decisions you are going to make or that you have already made do not give an immediate result or as soon as you want it, do not despair, there are effects that take time but pay off in the long term.

So it is advisable to always go forward, do not skimp on your efforts because suddenly you have already climbed the step that was needed to reach the goal.2. If You are one of those who complain, Enough is enough!

Leave the complaints behind, they only inspire negative thoughts and bad times, so if we are about to take the step of our lives what we do is doubt our ability and the motivation goes through the garbage dump.

In addition to subtracting energy, they do not represent any solution to the problems or challenges that are presented to us, so enough of the complaints and let’s concentrate on what really matters.3. Value what you’ve achieved

Do not think about how much or little you have to go, rather look at everything you have done to get where you are and what it has cost you to get what you have.4. Spend it with Positive People

That your company is optimistic and positive will be of great help in your motivation, because apart from boosting you and transmitting all that fighting energy and positivity will transmit the desire to continue fighting. Joy and motivation are wonderful for facing life5. Are you Happy? It’s Time!

Take advantage of the moments when you feel more cheerful and with that necessary impulse to do what takes you so much work or what represents some difficulty in you.

Those are the right days to take that big step that costs you so much, such as talking to your boss, apologizing to someone, telling your classmate how much you like it, etc.6. Acts!

Whatever the reason you must act, beyond that you do not have that desire that you need so much, do not think about it so much and do what you have to do to achieve your goals.

Motivation is cultivated and therefore we must do things that accustom us to always carry it with us. Causes

In order to understand the issue of motivation we must know that there are:a. Intrinsic Causes

They are born from our way of being, it is a personal attitude of each person and they are shown through their own actions.

It is an innate attitude everyone is one of the most common, because people who are born with this characteristic even if they have difficulties always a motivating and enthusiastic spirit.b. Extrinsic Causes

Those factors around us that motivate us to take the big step, can be friends, family, co-workers, classes, among others. Motivation and Conduct: Soulmates

The motivation is so important that it is able to define even the way we behave, because we would act the same a person without motivations to another who on the contrary has many.

It also acts on the mood system of people who experience better effects when they are always motivated. At last

In this sense, motivation is able to mark our way of behaving and acting, remember that achieving a positive motivation will reflect better effects which can influence our treatment of other people, behavior and even love relationships.

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