Kualakapuas is the capital of the Kapuas regency, south of Palangkaraya, on the Kapuas River 40 kilometers from Banjarmasin. A well-known tourism attraction is ‘Telo’ Island, a fishing village and port. It is a pleasant location for recreation. For the adventurer, white water rafters and nature lovers, there is Gohong Rawai, which known for its beautiful and challenging rapids. The gold mines of Teweh and Batu Api, Rungan district, are also interesting places to be visited. In this region, gold mining is a major source of livelihood for the people, who pan for the valuable metal using the old traditional method. Gold mines are found in many places in Central Kalimantan.

Batu Suli is a steep hill in Khayan riverbank with natural scenery, which is originally and fascinates trees ruthless. In Batu Suli culminate; there is a boosting big stone upward with incline position called Batu Antang or Batu Tingkes. This tourism object is located in Upun Batu Teweh district.

This tourism object located in North Kahayan Hulu region which is a river line that covered with trees with its ruthless in left and right side of the river, the clear water hardly suited for tourism adventure.

This Kapuas Hulu river path is very compatible for tourism adventure by using rubber boat or other boat types. It is along the length of this river there are some Riam fruits with extent of its river stone in so many its forms. In left and right of the river there is the trees, which inhabited various fauna types.

This beach unfolds in Java Sea coastal area with approximately length 5 km that being under the aegis of coconut trees and mangrove tree, so it has beautiful scenery and interesting. The condition of the beach is gradient and waved. This beach is located in south side of Kuala Kapuas in Cemara Labat village, Kapuas Kuala district.

There are many long houses which are found at the Kahayan river mouth become an interesting scenery. The long wooden boats become the backbone of the inter-village transportation. The upstream journey by Klotok boat (long boat) along the Kahayan River has its own challenge. This river is indeed not so widely known, if compared with Kapuas River (600 kilometers) and Barito River (500 kilometers). Like the big rivers in Kalimantan, this river has been the source of subsistence of the population for thousands years, from which they would hunt, fish and collect foods and other forest products (such as bee wax, hornbills ivory, rattan cane, resin and camphor).



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